Maybe that chicken statement will end up correct

Maybe that chicken statement will end up correct

I know you remember that statement that was made by that person that was known around the world… Oh, wait a minute, maybe it was by just a lot of people in Chicago and they thought it was a great statement.

That statement was, “America, your chickens are coming home to roost.” Now you remember it. I think he was talking about people that live here in America not getting even more free stuff, with it never ending, and I think this was made in 2008. But with so much rambling that he has done since then and my age, I just can't remember if that year was correct. But if you take that statement to its full meaning, it would fit right into most of the world today, especially most of Europe. I saw on TV lately and read that the country of Germany is starting to reap what they were so willing to sow, and this also includes most of Europe. And if you think that it stops there, then you need to get your head out of the sand and try to take a clear look at what is possible in this country.

I know that a lot of you think that this will never happen here. That’s probably the same thing that was thought all over Europe by their leaders and a big segment of their population. But they, as with us here in America, are doing things that are going to be very dangerous to our country, making major decisions using only feelings for the most part, because they think it's just a young woman with her little 2year-old boy and her 30year-old nephew just looking for a job. Hello, does anybody remember San Bernardino and that loving mother from the Middle East?

I know that it's not funny, but it is so ludicrous I almost had to laugh when I heard someone up in Washington say that most of the terrorist activity around the world could be caused by global warming. And maybe their thinking was because most terrorist don't have air conditioning. I must admit, when it's hot here in the south in the middle of summer time and the AC goes off, I probably get a little irritated myself — never to the point of wanting to go out and cut someone’s head off, but that's just me. But this statement makes me think that they sure are reaching for a reason, any reason, regardless if it makes any sense or not. Just goes to show how much we are willing to accept and to believe because of our feelings.

It seems that we will believe anything so that we don't have to face the reality of doing whatever needs to be done to confront this mess that is taking place every day of our lives, with all these people coming here from all over the world. Some of these are from these Middle Eastern countries, where murder and mayhem are plentiful. Also don't count out a lot of American-born here that don't line up their thinking to what our Constitution provides for us Americans.

You would think that some of the things that they do as far as women are concerned would stir up a portion of our country like nothing before. In most of the countries that most of these immigrants are coming from, they don't think that a woman should drive or go to school or be seen out in public with out a man along. If anyone thinks that with these people being raised this way all their lives and then when they get to our country that all of a sudden their thinking is going to change, you are living in a dream world.

I saw where a lot of women were abused in all kinds of ways at a new year’s bash over in Germany, and most of the eyewitnesses said that it looked like that most of the perpetrators were probably from the Middle East and Northern Africa because of the language that they spoke and because none spoke German or English. From what they said, it was probably a lot of these immigrants that the German leader was so giddy about letting into the country.

The word that came out from their leaders and the authorities was that maybe the women should not dress in such a way as to make these men so attracted to them. Now when you think deep into this situation and then you think about this group of immigrants that is headed our way, is this going to start something that we could only have dreamed about just a few years ago?

The bottom line is, there is a rumbling, or boiling if you like, taking place down deep in our society somewhere and when it comes to the top and we have to confront it, I cant help but wonder if we will stand firm or will we be like Europe and change our way of life to make them comfortable?

We shall see. God bless every one of you and yours, and may God bless America again, even with it going so much against what he wants for us.

Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary