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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Thank you, Evening Times, for including pictures of the students who are doing such wonderful work at their schools. [ Editor’s Note: I always appreciate it when the schools send us pictures and stories, and I feel like there’s plenty of other cool stuff going on at our schools that doesn’t make it into the paper. Yes, I’m sure there are bad things that happen at our schools, too, but there are hard- working teachers and hard- working students that put a lot of effort in making each of our local schools a success]

*** I think something is wrong with your Facebook page! [ Editor’s Note: It seems to be working fine now. Is it the “ everything shows up twice” thing? Because that’s super annoying. It has something to do with the Twitter feed posting to the Facebook feed, and then WordPress is involved somehow. We’ve tried addressing it in the past but it’s still like that]

*** Rumor is: a lot of folks are finding that voting republican, because they just hate, even the thought of having an African American president is hurting themselves a darn sight more than it is him, or other African Americans. (IMHO) [ Editor’s Note: This text seems a few years too late. Also, it’s not a rumor… there is no doubt that some voters didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black ( or half anyway). There’s also no doubt that some voters voted for him because he’s black ( or half anyway). If you’re a single- issue voter, I guess any single issue is just as relevant as any other. But to your claim, I don’t get how voting Republican is hurting anyone, black or white. I feel like you probably have some ideas, but they did not make it into this text]

*** I want to know why the city is not doing something about the man that runs the thrift store at Ingram & Barton charging truck drivers to allow them to park there. I use that parking lot to pick and drop off my children at the elementary school & the trucks have destroyed the parking lot. The store says its not their responsibility & the thrift store says not theirs either. So what are we to do?

[ Editor’s Note: The city doesn’t really have any responsibility in regards to the parking lot.

It’s very likely that whoever is operating the businesses on the property is only leasing the building, so they would not be responsible for the condition of the lot. The owner of the property would have control of the property, including choosing whether or not to make any repairs to the parking lot. Two things though: The city does have codes regulating where large trucks may be parked ( I don’t know if what you claim is going on there falls into that category). Also, there may have been a rider on the agreement when that site was developed that the owner be required to provide “ adequate off- street parking,” thought you’d have to argue what “ adequate” meant to enforce that]

*** Why is Kelly Oneal always the only duck flying north when the others were flying south? The City of Marion will have to pay for the building over the new sewer pump regardless if it was in the specs or not. How hard is that to understand????

[ Editor’s Note: First off, I love your duck analogy. I’m totally going to borrow that. The only real problem I see with the pump deal not being in the original specs is that it might have affected the bidding process. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that if the city was going to have to finance a portion of the projcet, they could have financed a larger portion of the project and perhaps gone with a lower rate hike]

*** I signed the Earle petition to remove the mayor. I have had mixed emotions if I did the right thing. I know now I did do the right thing. The city had to cash in a cd to pay the bills. Now she is asking that they spend $8,000 for a bathroom in her office because everyone else has a bathroom. Then I see her in Marion buying groceries in the city car like she has not a care in the world. We have people in Earle that has no way to the store and has to pay peoples to get their food or pay to take them. She bought a car because the old mayor car was in such bad shape you couldn’t sell it for $1500.00 funny the police has been driving this car everyday for a year. So with just these 2 things I can rest knowing I did the right thing. [ Editor’s Note: As you can read in today’s paper, you were not alone in signing the petition]