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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Any particular reason why the sports writers for WM Basketball fail to note that Harris #42 & Johnson #24 are former Hughes athletes when they make the paper? The writers note the Marion players with Hughes ties when they make the paper. Harris and Johnson are products of Hughes also! It was really nice seeing them all playing together (even if it was on opposite teams) during the West Memphis vs. Marion game on January 8th. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t think there was any intentional slight against Mr. Harris or Mr. Johnson. He may simply have been unaware. I do imagine it was nice to see the former Hughes players on the court together. I hope they continue to have success in their new schools]

*** It is all good that the new Walmart opened in Marion but, for me, I want to continue to support our local stores that have been here for years instead of contributing to a huge conglomerate that runs the little man out of business. Patronize Big Star (both stores) and Marion Market!! [ Editor’s Note: I know this is well- covered ground at this point, but I think all of our local grocery stores shine in their own ways. Most folks, I think, shop where it’s most convenient for them. I’m not going to drive past one to get to the other, and I’m not sure many others will either. Marion is certainly large enough to support two grocery stores. The new Walmart is very nice and I’m sure they’ll be at least a curiosity for a while, but eventually, it will all even back out]

*** I want to say that the Pastor at WM FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD, BILL HARNESS, is a very good preacher. I have been looking for a new church and when I started there, I felt at home with the church group. The people in the church are so nice and friendly. Pastor Bill does a lot of teaching with the kids also. I just enjoy being with a great church family, who loves the Lord, believes in prayer, and loves each other. The Pastor makes a great church along with the members. There is one thing I don’t understand: why is the music so loud? We aren’t hard of hearing. But I am happy with the rest of things. Pastor Bill I am looking forwards to next Sunday on hearing the word. God Bless You and Your Family.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m glad to see you’ve found a new church home. With many denominations and varying worship styles, it can be difficult to find a church that meets your individual needs, especially if you have kids or are in need of a particular ministry ( senior, young adult, etc.), so it’s important to “ get in where you fit in.” And sorry, I can’t help you with the loud music]

*** WHY CANT SCHOOLS EXPEL THE DANG THUGS THAT KEEP ALL THE OTHER KIDS FROM LEARNING?? It’s Ridiculous! Is there nothing more interesting you can put in the paper besides sharing Facebook post?

[ Editor’s Note: It seems like this is a two- part question, so I’ll provide a two- part answer. Part one: Expelling a student is an arduous task, and often a last resort, when dealing with student discipline. There are legal guidelines for such action. Suspensions and moving them to the Alternative School are usually seen as better preventive measures to expulsion. Part two: As we work to provide more unique and informative features for our readers, we’re trying different ideas.

Not all of them work. Our hope with the “ Facebook Friday” page is that it can create more interaction between not only our paper and our readers but perhaps between our readers and each other]

*** I don’t understand the reasoning behind putting Facebook posts in the paper. People posting memes is not news. In the words of a famous commercial: “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!” [ Editor’s Note: I do like that commercial! But, anyway, like I mentioned before, it’s just trying something new, kind of like a “ letters” column you might see in a magazine, just a light- hearted look at what’s going on in the realm of social media with people who live in the community but you might not know. I don’t know that it will be a permanent feature, but we’re trying it out.

Dear Abby, crossword puzzles and opinion columns aren’t “ news” either, but they are features that our readers enjoy]

*** What is a Redbirds “Anager”?

[ Editor’s Note: I have to ask…

did you read the article? If so, are you still truly confused or are you asking in a sarcastic “ oh, I got you guys!” kind of way? I’m going to assume you’re still truly confused. It should have said “ Manager”]