WM schools looking to the future

WM schools looking to the future

District eyes new buildings across the city


With a new Bragg Elementary School building on the drawing board, more long range construction plans are on the West Memphis School District wish list. Adding gyms to elementary schools, a new West Junior high and new elementary building on the east end of the city are all on the list.

“We hope to hear for sure (from the state) in May about gyms at the elementary schools,” said West Memphis School District Business Manager Bill Cook.

A gym is already part of the construction plan at Bragg. The rest of the elementary schools will be able to offer P.E. class too, each to sport a gym.

“Faulk will get a gym and additional work to the cafeteria,” said Cook.

Hopes for Wonder and Jackson Elementary await a whole new consolidated school building that will include a gym. City Planner Paul Luker just reviewed plans for the new Bragg, the only one of these new school building ideas to solidify so far.

“It’s too early in the process to have seen anything, at this point it really is more of a school district question,” said Luker. “But a significant investment like a new school on the east end of town really adds a draw to redevelopment ideas to go along with the eco-park and other projects in the area.”

Plans for a new building at West Jr. High won’t come forward until the construction dust settles at the adjacent Bragg elementary.

“Hopefully we’ll be looking at that after the gyms are added,” said Cook.

By John Rech