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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

For the time frame 2/6-2/11 there were twenty three marriage licenses issued in our county. Of the forty six people taking the plunge, twenty four was from Memphis and four from Mississippi. It is easier to get a license here than it is in Tennessee or Mississippi. [ Editor’s Note: This is true. I’m curious, though… were you texting this in as a complaint about our lax marriage laws, a compliment about the ease in which a couple in love can find marital bliss, or just a comment in general. Incidentally, we have only recently begun including all of the marriage licenses issued by the county. Until a few weeks ago, our clerk was only taking down the local residents, but I thought the full list was important enough to include. It’s worth noting that regardless of residency, the full cost of the marriage license goes right into the Crittenden County fund]

*** Thank you so much for mentioning that Robert E. Lee’s birthday is Monday along with mlk day. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t discount the historical legacy of our state’s past, and when I saw that Ms. Bacon had included it in the Horseshoe Lake newsletter, it reminded me of when I was in Jr. High, when the first MLK Holiday took place. Some folks were very upset that the King holiday coincided with the Lee holiday. I even remember someone calling it “ James Earl Ray Day.” I friend of mine genuinely thought General Lee only referred to the Dukes of Hazzard car… let’s just say it was a different time. I think people that still take issue with those that observe both King’s birthday ( Jan. 15) and Lee’s birthday ( Jan. 19) are probably doing so out of the situational irony of both men’s legacies. King campaigned for civil rights, primarily African Americans, while Lee fought for Southern Independence, with a primary cause of preserving slavery. Also of note. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is pushing to remove the joint designation, saying “ They need to be distin-guished and separate,” at a recent conference]

*** I’m just almost speechless when I saw the FB video of the Marion HS Classroom where a bunch of thug students grossly acted out in class while the substitute teacher just sat there and watched and did nothing. It’s embarrassing to me that our local public schools have come to this behavior. While acting like idiots they abused taxpayers school property and destroying supplies just to mention. These kids are an example of non parenting and should be kicked out of school so the serious students can learn. This is a disgrace to the city of Marion and should be dealt with harshly to set an example for future incidents. It’s no wonder people are taking their kids out of public schools after watching this video. I’m glad my child is out of there and I’m sure current parents are very concerned that their children had to witness this wildness also the horrible language that was used and the sagging pants that is against school policy. I think it’s also safe to say that this substitute teacher won’t be asked back. [ Editor’s Note: I offered a lengthy commentary regarding the video that has been circulating around Facebook for several days now in Monday’s paper. I hope you had a chance to read it. If not, I’ll summarize and say that it is sad that when given the chance, some individuals that we are supposed to regard as “ young adults” will behave in such a ridiculous manner. It’s pretty obvious the substitute was unable to establish any kind of authority and/ or simply wanted the kids’ approval. Kids will often do whatever it is they think they can get away with, especially if they have not been taught how to behave at home]

*** People hate on Obama but when he took office gas prices were crazy and unemployment rate was high and the job rate was low now unemployment rates at 7 not 10. So when a republican gets in there and another war another democrat will have to clean it up. [ Editor’s Note: I’m not endorsing anyone’s policies here. Just providing some numbers: In 2008, the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency, the unemployment rate in the U. S.

went from 5.0 percent in January to 7.3 percent in December. The unemployment rate didn’t hit 10 percent until March 2010. It has been at a relatively steady decline since then, currently at, guess what, 5.0 percent. These numbers are from the U. S. Bureau of Labor]

*** I don’t know why you would include pictures from he video you wrote about. That’s all these idiots want is attention. They should be permanently expelled so the kids that want to learn can. I’m sure we will be seeing their mug shots before long. [ Editor’s Note: I see what you’re saying, and you may be right. I suppose the old “ picture is worth a thousand words” adage applies here. I’m with you though… keep a lookout for them in the future in the arrest reports]

*** At the West Memphis Walmart store again the other the same girl that approach me in December asking for money came up to me again asking for money because she was out of gas and her kids were with her and could I give her money for gas, this time she lived in Southaven, before it was Walls. I told her sorry but no… Then witness her asking several more people leaving the store for money. This is very scary to me just can’t believe her story… is there something that can be done about this? [ Editor’s Note: According to Chapter 6.48 of the West Memphis Municipal Code “ is declared to be a nuisance, and is punishable as such nuisance as a misdemeanor” ( although there is a provision for exception for registered, licensed non- profit organizations). The question, of course, is it your responsibility to report it? The store’s? Do you want to be THAT person? It is potentially a very dangerous situation]

*** Sirs I’m thinking about INFLATION Does anyone else

[ Editor’s Note: Your text seemed to end abruptly, so I can’t tell where you were going with it, but on inflation, the U. S. inflation rate ( which I won’t claim to really understand all of the factors involved) hit a 25- year high in 2007, at 4.1 percent before hitting a 20- year low in late 2008, at 0.1 percent ( this was the beginning of the big recession, you may recall). It hit 3.2 percent in 2011, but has trickled down to 0.5 percent as of late 2015. Inflation hasn’t been a real issue in the U. S. since the late 1970s, and it it is only when compared over longer periods of time ( the inflation rate is calculated over a 12month period) that you see the real effects of inflation. For example: An item that cost $ 5 in 1965 would cost about $ 37 in 2015. That’s a cumulative rate of inflation of 650 percent. Of course, the average hourly wage in the U. S. in 1965 was $ 2.75. Today, it’s $ 24.50. The cumulative rate of inflation since 2008 is about 9.2 percent]