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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

On the unemployment rate as of Jan. 2016; Continued…the US Bureau has reported 5.7 percent with a slight higher mark since December. Labor Force showed 7.89 percent looking for jobs. BUT they don’t report how many people are sitting at home receiving checks and have given up looking and the ones that just don’t want a job because of the freebies Hand out. Also you have to look at a large number of part timers vs. full time workers making minimum wages, just in our country; there are 14,435 people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. That’s only 29 percent of people in Crittenden County in which is not much money at all per year. Welfare across the whole US is only 324 million! Arkansas shares only 2.6 million if that. So, question is; with a low rate of unemployment; does that show our current leaders doing anything to help our bankrupt situation for the America we once knew or do we need to vote and replace all of this deceiving politicians giving numbers on how good we are doing? Believe the hard working middle class are being duped and taken for a cleaning. [ Editor’s Note: I’ll skip through all the numbers and just go ahead and say, yes, we do need to vote and replace all of the deceiving politi-cians. In fact, I’d love for a completely new congress. The current one, regardless of party, has done nothing significant in the last several years that I can recall. I am, of course, no economist. The overall economy has improved since the 2008 recession, but it seems to be more of the natural course of events rather than *** To say Woody Wheeless deserves credit for the (proposed) new hospital is about the craziest thing I’ve heard since trump decided to run for POTUS. It’s like saying that the captain of the “TITANIC” should be given credit and praised because a few passengers survived.. if “GOD” hadn’t been watching over us, just look at the fine mess he would’ve gotten us into… “AGAIN”…IMHO [ Editor’s Note: Hmm, on the one hand, I’m with you that ultimately, God does indeed deserve all the credit for all of our good fortune. On the other hand, I’d be reluctant not to give Judge Wheeless a few props for his efforts]

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