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Text The Times.


Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Of all the unworthy junk you all print in the paper, I would like to know why you did not pick up on the story where a long time State Trooper who lives in West Memphis was brought up on charges for hitting a 12 year old boy in the face? He will be going to court next Friday to face the judge. This incident happen this last summer. Could it be because he is from a family of law enforcer, who have gotten by with so much, that they think they are above the law?? This Trooper has been on paid leave for about 4 months. That is MY tax money he is having a vacation on. KAIT 8 in Jonesboro ran the story. Shame on you paper no reporting it too. (Or, is this part of “the good ole boys” law enforces) Court is sat for Friday, Jan. 29. Letʼs see if you have the guts to report on why a grown man hit a 12 year old boy across the face. [ Editor’s Note: It’s a little difficult to give you a straightforward answer when you preface your question with “ Of all the unworthy junk you all print in the paper,” but I will endeavor to do so. I will point out that the officer was not on duty when the incident occurred. We have no qualms about running the story. We had no qualms about running it back in September when the incident took place. Had it not been for the scheduling issues we had late last week with the threat of bad weather, it would have been in Monday’s paper, but I did not get the press release from the ASP until late Thursday afternoon. It was in Tuesday’s edition. I hope this satisfies your inquiry]

*** Iʼm not sure I want this in “text the Times” section of the paper but I would like to bring attention to a facebook post made by the Mayor of Turrell (and District 10JP candidate) concerning that towns water tower! She seems to feel that the problem would be solved if the town was predominantly white… the entire post and subsequent conversations were really disturbing with very racial overtones in my opinion! Luckily I do not live in Turrell or district 10 but I feel that this lady would not represent the citizens of District 10 in everyoneʼs best interest… I have seen that she has gotten some good things done for the city of Turrell… Iʼm just curious how many times she has played the race/victim card in getting those things accomplished?? Please allow someone to do some reporting on this issue so ALL of District 10 knows really where she stands!! Thank you!!

[ Editor’s Note: I also do not live in Turrell or District 10. I have only had a few work- related conversations with Mayor Cooper. I do think she’s working to make Turrell a better place. Just my opinion, she might be more effective in continuing to focus on Turrell. She’s challenging Justice James Fraley for the District 10 seat. Since I never covered Quorum Court during my reporting days, I couldn’t really tell you how effective he is or isn’t in that role. I visited Mayor Cooper’s Facebook page. Granted, I didn’t go back weeks and weeks or anything, but while she does seem to be grouped in with some candidates who are making racial divide a big part of their campaign, I didn’t read anything that was overtly offensive]

*** If Papa Johnʼs in West Memphis doesnʼt want to deliver to certain neighborhoods because they donʼt think their driverʼs will be safe, they should publish a list so we know not to order from them. [ Editor’s Note: It’s been a couple of decades, but I spent some time in the pizza delivery industry. I actually had a gun pulled on me over on Roselawn. It wasn’t a robbery though, some guy thought I was casing the neighborhood. He called the police, who were not on his side in any way. About a week later, one of the other drivers did get robbed on McAuley. It’s up to each pizza place to decide where they will and won’t deliver. It also will depend on a driver. Some don’t mind going into certain areas and some do]

*** Donald Trump said that he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and wouldnʼt lose any voters. That tells you all you need to know about the demographics of his followers. And the actual contempt he has for them.

[ Editor’s Note: Ok, I admit it. It was pretty funny when Trump first announced his candidacy, and there was some entertainment value in watching the other candidates try to deal with him. But at this point, we’re just weeks away from actual votes being cast and he’s still leading the polls. On one hand, I still say he does strike a chord with a significant chunk of disenchanted voters, but I also think that Cruz or Rubio will eventually emerge as the GOP candidate. I am curious to see what, if any, effect a Michael Bloomberg independent campaign will have on the race]

*** The market place is really lucky. They finally get their parking lot (half fixed). Now they donʼt have to worry about all of those customers tearing it up again…huh. They should thank YʼALL*MART. Let em tear their property up.

[ Editor’s Note: I still contend that Marion is big enough to support both stores. It’s all a matter of convenience for a lot of folks. I’m not going to drive past one grocery store to get to another]

*** Attention shoppers!!! The next time you go to Big Star on West Broadway, take a look at the floors. They are absolutely horrible. All they do is put wax on filthy floors. A floor has to be stripped first in order to get rid of all embedded dirt. Then once you get it clean, you can begin the waxing process. Apparently the store owners are trying to cut corners and save money, but by doing so, they are making a bad impression on their customers and the way they view the grocery store.

[ Editor’s Note: I don’t find myself in Big Star very often, but I don’t recall ever seeing the floors look bad. It is an older facility, so it’s understandable the floor isn’t going to look as clean and shiny as a new store. It’s also the wrong time of the year, with mud and slush and such, to expect the floors anywhere to stay too clean throughout the day]