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Excuse me “My View.” I am appalled at your lack of knowledge regarding our elected officials. I, for one, voted for someone to represent me and not OK a deal without reviewing its entirely. Seems like last time they were rushed through approving a deal it did not pan out – aka Amerias. How many times have we had to pass a tax or amend it? Seems like you don’t understand what representation means – hint it doesn’t mean rubber stamp any deal. I would hope you wouldn’t sign a deal without looking over it but maybe that is your intelligence level.

[ Editor’s Note: This really seems to come down to the idea that the Quorum Court justices were having second thoughts about letting Baptist choose the location for the new hospital. And as much as I hate to say it, knowing what Baptist had to deal with in Oxford over the same issue, if I were Baptist, I’d have said forget it and just dropped the deal. I would’ve hated it for this community, but sometimes we just can’t get out of our own way. Fortunately, all of that speculation has ended]

*** I hope the new hospital is in West Memphis because that is the city and the old hospital was located & when voted for 1 cent sales tax. That is what everyone may have wanted since that is where previous hospital is located & most population. First location I heard was in Jericho, I hope not because it would be too far in case of emergency from where I live & I would feel like a deal breaker. I don’t understand why community & justices can’t help with location discussion, just Baptist making decision solely is a deal breaker to me. Please shed light in evening times. No name please. I am really concerned about secret locationon the end of discussion & all left up solely to Baptist.

[ Editor’s Note: The new hospital, as I hope you saw in Friday’s paper, will be very centrally located in terms of the county’s population, along the I- 40/ I- 55 exchange, just east of where Highway 77 meets the Service Road. I don’t think there was ever really a chance it wasn’t going to be somewhere other than in that general area. Anything you heard otherwise was just rumor and speculation]

*** Once again it seems that the Editor has taken sides in this vendetta against the Mayor of Earle I hope that your response is based on facts and not your personal animosity toward her.

[ Editor’s Note: I have never met the Mayor of Earle and only have facts to go on. The only opinion I have is that I want what’s best for Earle. My Dad taught and coached in Earle for 20 years. I have friends that live in Earle. I don’t care who the mayor is, as long as he or she is doing what’s best for that community, and I have a few hundred columns of newsprint that tell me the current one is not doing that. If that means I’ve “ taken sides,” then I guess I’m taking sides]

*** I am appalled at the fact a State Trooper HIT a child, not a juvenile, in the first place. It makes me even madder that he is home on PAID leave, I bet he hopes they don’t go to court four another year. He is enjoyed a PAID vacation for long enough. If he is not working my tax dollars should NOT be paying him. He should just be on leave.

[ Editor’s Note: Just so I can say I said it, “ juvenile” and “ child” are synonyms. But yes, hitting anyone isn’t a justified action in almost any case in a civilized society ( even if they deserve it). As for him being on paid leave, I’m sure it’s just standard ASP procedure and to stray from it would actually open the State Police up to a lawsuit]

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