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To the person who wrote in about Woody Wheeless and the hospital how stupid can anyone be Woody did all the foot work and all the contacting people who do you think got Baptist here.

[ Editor’s Note: I think I agreed with your view in my response. If I didn’t, I should have]

*** Pancho’s now has a new look, beginning with the new entry door! Quite a change has taken place! No it didn’t shut down or close it’s doors! Where is our restaurant review person? It seems to me, that, it’s about time to get one! Patron diner, Thanks.

[ Editor’s Note: You know, we used to do a restaurant review feature at the paper. It was called “ Eat at Joe’s.” The premise is that one of our staffers would visit a local ( usually recently- opened) restaurant, sample the menu and write an anonymous review, under the pen name of “ A. Diner.” I enjoyed it ( since I enjoy eating very much). It’s a tricky subject, though, because it can be tough to honestly critique a local business. I mean, it’s a fairly small community, so if we give Bob’s Burgers a bad review, we could cause Bob’s Burgers to go out of business, and Bob certainly isn’t going to want to advertise with us. Having said that, Pancho’s is delicious! Hopefully, you enjoyed the feature on today’s front page about the Travel Channel’s “ Bizarre Foods” show making a trip to Pancho’s. If you have the time, check out the video of the segment on their web site. Pretty cool…]

*** I’m so sick and tired of Ms. Earley Mae trying to slam the mayor. As I recall Mayor Davis fired her and Mayor Jones hired her back to give her a chance. Then she got beside herself. Ms. Earley Mae have always kept up trouble wherever she goes. When she worked at Earle Industries I was told she kept up mess. she kept mess up when she attended Earle Church of God in Christ. She was also caught up and in trouble with voter fraud. By the way is she allowed to vote again??? Everybody want to slam Mayor Jones for trying to do some positive things for the city. As I recall when Mayor King was in office no BLACK never challenge him on anything!! The blacks didn’t even have sidewalks on their side of town. Blacks didn’t challenge the WHITE Mayor now every week there’s something said about Mayor Jones. Earle will never progress as long as we continue to do the good old buddy system. Give her a chance. You gave everbody else a chance. Its not for Ms. Earley Mae and nobody else to judge Mayor Jones. People please don’t be so quick judge because we all will be judged someday. People get a life. By the way nobody is really concerned about Earle because if you were you wouldn’t always want to file law suits against the city!!! GET A LIFE, Please!!!!

[ Editor’s Note: I read this and it seems to me that what we have here is a difference of opinions. There appears to be a group of people who see all of the chaos, calamity and disunion going on in Earle and are looking for a way to stop it, and then there is a group of people who see all of the chaos, calamity and disunion going on in Earle and think it’s just swell. As I said, it’s a matter of opinion, but as far as “ Its not for Ms. Earley Mae and nobody else to judge Mayor Jones,” that’s where I’m going to have to disagree with you. In her action as mayor, judging her is exactly what the residents of Earle should do]

*** Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t drive past one grocery store to get to another? Well tell me this… why do your paper even bother running all of these ads? You’ve got this old boy confused, “BIG TIME.”

[ Editor’s Note: I’m not sure what the issue is here? Are you suggesting that I am personally required to shop at all of the businesses that advertise with the newspaper? We advertise both Holly Chevrolet and Ford of West Memphis, so should I buy one from each? We run ads from multiple dental offices, hair stylists, insurance companies, etc. Should I feel obligated to use them all? I’m not trying to belligerent. I’m really asking if that’s what you’re saying. In the interest of trying to dispel any confusion, I will say that, what I mean is, many people, including myself, will likely patronize the grocery store nearest them as a matter of convenience, meaning there would appear to be enough customers to support all of our community grocery stores. For example, my Mom and Dad haven’t bought groceries from anywhere except Marion Market Place since it opened. They don’t do the massive grocery shopping like some folks do. They’re one- mealat- a- time folks and they live right by the Market Place]

*** Who do you contact concerning renters who collect rent and won’t make house repairs? please help.

[ Editor’s Note: The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office is the place to go for that sort of issue. Their hotline number is ( 800) 482- 8982, and I’m told you will get a live person to talk to. They are open from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday through Friday. Or you can file a complaint online at http:// arkansasag. gov/ file- aconsumer- complaint]

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