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The lengthy articles concerning the necessity of electing the best judges possible seemed to blame lazy voters for making poor selections in the past. It is the newspapers job to clearly report the candidates qualifications. The people pay for the research when they purchase the paper. Ask an attorney was pretty funny. I do not believe every citizen can sit down with an attorney to discuss the field of candidates.

[ Editor’s Note: I’ll agree with you, the trio of articles on the upcoming judicial elections was a bit of an info- dump, but I thought it addressed an important issue that hasn’t really gotten a lot of headlines. Judicial elections aren’t as “ sexy” as the presidential race, or even county and regional races. But as Judge Fogleman pointed out, our judicial system plays as equally an important role as our legislators do in shaping how we live our lives in Arkansas. I will disagree with you, however, on the role of the newspaper in reporting a candidate’s qualifications. Truth be told, newspapers, just like radio and television stations and other print media, will publish whatever supporters of a candidate are willing to pay for in advertising. As a general rule, we refrain from publicizing, good or bad, any political candidate during campaign season, unless they are an alreadyelected official acting in

their official capacity]

*** What’s up with the online paper for Monday February 1. It is still on Friday’s paper, every time ya’ll do this my wife makes me sleep on the couch. Help a brother out and go ahead reserve me a room up at the comfort inn next time y’all can’t figure out how to get the paper online.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m afraid you might have to spend a few more days on the couch, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. We’re happy to announce that the Times will be getting an all- new online layout and design that will be much easier to navigate and expand our ability to get the news our readers want to them via the Internet and even a Times app that will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time to make the transition. I’ve been told Feb. 15 for a “ going live” date. In the meantime, all online subscribers are being asked to call in to get a new user name and password information ahead of time to avoid having to re- up once the new site goes up. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime]

*** Would like to know a school in the area collecting BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION… WILL GLADLY send them to you… just text the times. [Editor’s Note: I did some calling around and according to my sources, Marion Elementary, Weaver Elementary, Maddux Elementary, Bragg Elementary,

and Richland Elementary all collect the Box Tops. For those not familiar with the program wherein hundreds of grocery products are marked with a special “ Box Tops for Education” label.

Schools K- 8 can collect those labels and redeem them for cash, so if you have some and would like to donate them, those are the schools I found that participate]

*** I thought people would like to know what I discovered today on Walmart’s website in the Health, Beauty and Pharmacy Department tab. While shopping for shampoo, make-up or to refill a prescription, they have thoughtfully included a section labeled Funeral, that’s right Funeral, for each of you to shop and purchase a casket or urn for you or a loved one who has passed on to the other side while shopping and waiting either in-line or on-line at any Walmart location which would mute the need for shampoo or make-up, or a refill. There will be no need for shampoo thanks to the critters who will be resting with you 6 ft under. Make-up will be provided complimentary of the funeral home, and you will no longer be in need of your physical or mental medication due to the demise of your bodily functions thanks to the long lines and lack of show cashiers. Just when we though Walmart couldn’t get any more ridiculous, bizarre, or greedy; however Walmart has you covered from conception to expiration. [ Editor’s Note: I couldn’t decide if you were serious before I got online to verify this, and wouldn’t you know it, you were not kidding. Now you can make all the jokes you want about going to one’s eternal rest in a Walmart coffin, but I did a little price comparison and found the exact same brands and styles of caskets on sale elsewhere. And in some, but not all, cases, you can save money by buying at Walmart. They really do have everything!]

[Editor’s Note: I’m sure there are many factors that go into it, but I’m going to say it really comes down to money. The county only has so much to spend on cleanup projects. Most Lakeshore residents are on the lower end of the economic scale, so they can’t afford to pay someone to pick up the trash. The county can issue citations and put liens on properties (most of which are rentals) but again, then what? I’m not saying there’s no solution to the problem, I’m just saying that it’s not as easy as saying, “Someone should do something about this!”]


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