Conway. That could effect 911 services or credit card transactions at a store.”

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department enjoys reduced operating costs because of One Call.

“A couple of years ago they were looking for a way to reduce damages on their right of ways,” said Gowen, “and the utility companies were billing them. They were paying and knew they had to do something to reduce damages.”

Gowen announced a new safety innovation to the emergency planners. Gas line sleeves with a pressure sensitive valve shut off gas flow in broken lines. Rental gas customers can expect retrofit of the valve according to Gowen who had one on display for the group.

“Centerpoint Energy now puts excess flow valves on all their new residential services,” said Gowen. “It fits between the mainline and the house meter. In the event of a leak its shuts the line down, it won’t blow. They’ve been doing it for four years and have a lot of them on.”