Text The Times.

Text The Times.

There is an epidemic in Horseshoe Lake. We have all these people stealing from our government, they draw disability but still work and make money. These people drawing disability don’t need it and some of them get foodstamps too. How can these people think this is right, hell they make more than anybody out here by screwing our government. Someone needs to send some investigators out here! This is why people that need it and deserve can’t get it! [ Editor’s Note: I hope by “ investigators,” you mean police investigators and not newspaper investigators, because that sounds pretty serious. If you have legitimate concerns ( or more importantly, proof) of wrongdoing, I’d recommend contacting the Arkansas State Police or the Sheriff’s Department]

*** Editor. Your reply to my text about driving past one grocery store to get to another, is… shall we say: “disingenuous” to put it mildly.

Most people shop where they get the biggest bang for their buck. That goes for groceries, cars, air fares..well, you get my drift. Last I checked, the store we are speaking of “ain’t it”. One thing I will say without fear, nor favor: you’re a little rough around the edges. But with a little spit & polish… you’d probably make a good politician (if there is such thing) PS: The person who texted about all of the negativity about the Earle mayor is spot on. Think of how our President has been treated/disrespected for the last 7 years. Shameful, just shame full “WE ALL KNOW WHY” Don’t we?

[ Editor’s Note: I guess this is just going to be one of those “ agree to disagree” things, because your opinion is no more or no less valid than mine. No politics for me, though… I’ve seen how bad the editor at the newspaper talks about them]

*** To the “low info” texter who meaned mouthed me for mean mouthing the “honorable potentate” Woody Wheeless. You’ve got more nerves than a hollow tooth to ask; who do I think got BAPTIST here. BAPTIST & THE GOOD LORD–GOT BAPTIST HERE. It might be hard, but try to visualize where we would be now, with a real leader. The new Hospital would be on it’s way up by now. How much $$$ is down the rat hole on keeping that dump maintained and voting on taxes Maybe we just have a different definition of a good leader. Another “Ole boy proclaimed –MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” See what it got us? That almost happened here in W-MEM IMHO

[ Editor’s Note: So, if I’m understanding the parallels here in these two texts…

Mayor Carolyn Jones is Barack Obama, and Judge Woody Wheeless is George W. Bush? Again, not trying to invalidate anyone’s opinion, but I guess you’re right. We do indeed appear to “ have a different definition of a good leader”]

*** People take a look. Wal-Mart came to Marion and they make the gas station adapt to their prices. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t care who deserves the credit, I’m all for a gas- price war. I just read an article that compe-tition in some town in Michigan had prices down to like 48 cents last week]

*** Most people in our society lives from paycheck to paycheck. With that being said, how can the Earle Mayor and council say that they care about the people of Earle. When your employees who are not making very much money and they find out the day before payday that their check will be $30.63 per for insurance that the council voted on. That is a total of $122.52 per month. The mayor and council should have given these people some advance notice. Another example of the lack of concern and selfishness of our current administration.

[ Editor’s Note: Without knowing what employees were paying before, I really can’t weigh in on this issue. I will say that $ 122.52 per month for ( health?) insurance seems like a pretty decent rate, so I’d say if you think you’re getting a raw deal from the city, you should look into


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