Text The Times.

Text The Times.

This is 65 Lynn Cove. Have not received paper today again. [ Editor’s Note: So sorry! I have given your info to the Circulation Department. Thanks for texting in. Hope there are no more issues]

*** I appreciate the two articles in Monday’s edition stressing the importance of learning about judge candidates before voting. What resources can one use to look at a judge candidate’s record and character?

[ Editor’s Note: Outside of simply “ Googling” their names ( which is actually pretty effective), “ Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics” is an excellent resource. It’s even customizable by state. Check it out at http:// ballotpedia. org]

*** What is the process for auditing city employee time clocks? [ Editor’s Note: If you mean logic and accuracy testing, the HR depart-ment at one place I used to work would have someone come out twice a year ( I think when Daylight Saving Time started and ended) and test them. If you mean some kind of time clock- topaycheck comparison, the “ Municipal Accounting Handbook” is available online at www. arklegaudit. gov, and it contains a full section on Arkansas Municipal League payroll and accounting policy]

*** Ok that’s it can’t be quiet any longer some one posted the other day about Kelly O’Neal flying south on votes with the Marion city counsel when every one else flew north! Now let’s get to the Lisa O’Neal flying south on the new Baptist hospital deal. What’s really going on? Or is it she didn’t get to make the land deal and collect that commission! JMO!

[ Editor’s Note: I’m not gonna lie, I got a little nervous about the Baptist deal falling apart when there seemed to be a little too much in- fighting about some of the agreement deals. I’m not saying I thought anyone did anything wrong, but it made me a little anxious. Having said that, it seemed more like quorum court justices Ronnie Sturch and Vickie Robertson were the ones raising the most issues with Baptist. Justice O’Neal was concerned primarily with stressing the need for oversight in light of what happened with Crittenden Regional. And at $ 80,000 an acre, I’d be happy to have that commission, too. * And for those looking to keep up with the latest “ text- ese” lingo, I had to look up “ JMO,” and it turns out it’s “ just my opinion,” a close cousin to IMHO]

*** I was wondering, why, the E M room doesn’t appear to have a more direct, into, the hospital? Thanks [ Editor’s Note: If you’re referring to the Emergency Room and the new Baptist Hospital, you must have seen a more detailed conceptual plan than I have. I haven’t seen anything labeled “ ER” on any plans. I would assume the architects and planners know what they’re doing ( unless they hire the firm that designed that one intersection in Marion…

you know the one I mean) Anyway, I am running the only site map I have seen…]

*** I want to commend Walter Williams on his article on blacks and the confederacy. I read his column almost everyday. If both black and white would read it we could all have a better idea of each races feelings. I believe he is truly fair in his writings. [ Editor’s Note: Mr. Williams has the ability, by being black, to say some things about race that a white columnist with similar views can not, and probably should not, say. As and African- American conservative, he’s still a fairly rare breed, and we are happy to publish his opinion pieces]

*** Where have you peeps been? Wal*Mart has been offering everything from “BABY CRADLES TO COFFINS.” Shall we say “cradle to the grave package” for years. thats why they make money when everyone else goes in the “HOLE” Pun intended.

[ Editor’s Note: I see what you did there]

*** I believe West Memphis Christian School still did as well. [ Editor’s Note: This seems like one of those texts that either got cut off or the sender didn’t actually type everything he or she thought they did. Good ol’ WMCS has been in the news a lot lately, with their students achieving in Spelling and Geography Bees, they had a very successful fundraiser that included a car giveaway, and the Boys Basketball team finished runner- up in their conference. So, while I’m not sure who or what they did “ as well” as, or maybe it was like “ in addition to…”

but kudos to the school for all their accomplishments] *** To the folks doing 70 mph down College Blvd EVERY morning around 8 a.m. during the work week: just STOP. Leave your home at a decent time or just be a little bit late. And for the love of humanity check your mirrors and blind spots before you try to whip around the person in front of you. There is not a morning that goes by that I do not see a close call. This morning had me furious and I wasn’t even the one who was nearly ran off the road! [ Editor’s Note: As my wife and daughter use

that route frequently, I concur that this is indeed a busy area and everyone should use caution. Maybe think about it this way… on a five- mile trip, going 70 instead of 55 will save you exactly one minute and 12 seconds]


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