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The county clerks office has had the recall petition for the mayor of Earle in their possession for almost 3 weeks now. Does it not say in AR Code 14-48-114 that they have no more than 10 days after submission to their office to certify the petition. Have not heard anything else about the status of it.

[ Editor’s Note: No surprise that an already messy situation seems to be getting even messier. There are at least a coupld of theories on the proper timeline, policy and procedure for this recall effort. Did you know that the Arkansas District Court Clerks Association maintains a web site will the entire Annotated Arkansas Code? It’s http:// www. adcca. org/ arkans as- code- annotated/, in case you want to check it out yourself. I also found the exact same information on the Justia web site ( http:// law. justia. com/ codes/ arkansas/), in case you’re one of those “ more than one source” kind of folks. What seems to be the case is that there are two laws that deal specifically with the removal of elected municipal officials through the recall process ( there’s a whole other sec-tion for removal of elected officials for other disqualify-ing actions and such). I’ve included copies of both A. C. A. § 14- 48- 114, which you cite and which I have also cited in the past, and A. C. A. § 14- 42- 119. Both of these come from Arkansas Code of 1987 Annotated Official Edition, © 19872015 by the State of Arkansas, All rights reserved. It is specifically labeled “ Current through the 2015 Regular Session and First Extraordinary Session,” which is the last opportunity there would have been to change the law. I honestly have no idea why both laws exist]

*** I just want to know why the city of Marion garbage workers, leave your garbage can out in the street and never put it back where it was sitting. They even leave my garbage can sitting right in front of my mailbox. I called the sanitation department and was talked to very disrespectful. I’m only tryingto get this matter taken care of because it happens every Tuesday.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m sure you know that I don’t really have any insight into the Marion Sanitation Department’s policy and procedure, so I’m just running this in hopes that someone who does might read it]

*** Pay attention people Wal-Mart gas prices are 1.38 and the flash market in Marion is the same price but in West Memphis is a different price. The flash market and the people that own them have been price gauging us for a long time. Now it’s time to stop shopping with them.

[ Editor’s Note: It is my understanding that there is more than one ownership group operating under the “ Flash Market” banner, so I would simply encourage everyone to patronize the vendor with the best rate along their daily route. I will, however, add that Exxon gas must just be the bee’s knees, because it is consistently the highest in town but there are always folks there ( even with three other gas stations within 100 yards)]

*** I wasn’t able to make it to last night’s Horseshoe Lake meeting but I’m curious on why the town is giving out raises again. Do we have that kind of money just to give it away?

[ Editor’s Note: I wasn’t at last night’s Horseshoe Lake meeting either. I’m going to assume you mean the Town Council and I’m going to assume you mean raises for… city workers? City officials? I would rec-ommend asking this question directly to your elected councilperson or the mayor]

*** I saw an article and picture of an unsightly trash scene in one of the interstate trailer parks in Marion. You think that’s bad; take a ride over to a trailer dump off southern Walker and Broadway in West Memphis. Cove street in particular. It will turn your stomachs. Garbage everywhere with yards full of bottles and if weather permitting people sitting in lawn chairs around the garbage bags, opened up and doors almost completely blocked. Also; groups of people drinking and spotted one guy relieving himself under a tree by the street. Obviously a wide open rat invested, nasty place for crime to happen. No community help around that place for sure. The whole area ought to be bulldozed.

[ Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, there are a few area’s around this community that seem to have become simply overwhelmed and/ or ignored. Unless a concentrated, organized effort by someone in the community with the resources to do something takes action, it will not improve. It’s easy to just say the people who live in these places should clean up their own messes, but at a point one simply gives up]

*** Mon. Feb. 8, story by Bill McFerrin on Celebration time for your sweetheart is coming, was wonderful & not mushy at all but true & wonderful!

[ Editor’s Note: May everyone find that someone in their lives as well. I’ve got mine ( 23 years on Feb. 13). Go find yours!]

*** Speaking about an article that was posted on Monday about Horseshoe Lake, thats the problem lake people, can’t keep their noses out of other people’s business. Who cares if someone is getting disability or food stamps. Its not your business! Mind you own business and this place would be a lot better place.

[ Editor’s Note: I assure you that is a problem that extends far beyond the confines of Horseshoe Lake]

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