Ag Safety Awareness Week is March 6-12

Ag Safety Awareness Week is March 6-12

‘ Caution — Safety is No Accident’ LITTLE ROCK – Across the country, Farm Bureaus are making safety a top priority this spring through the Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP). As a part of ASAP, March 6-12 has been designated as Agricultural Safety Awareness Week.

This year's theme, “Caution – Safety is no Accident,” will highlight a different safety focus each day of the week. Monday will focus on ATV safety; Tuesday, Youth Safety on the Farm; Wednesday, Tractor Safety; Thursday, Roadway Safety; and Friday, Grain Bin Safety.

When the latest statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other organizations are examined, it's easy to see why the awareness of safety in these areas is important.

• Arkansas ranks 15th in the nation in the number of deaths associated with ATVs, with 312 from 1982-2011. Of those who died, 69 were children under 16.

• Each year, there are 804 ATV-related deaths nationally on average.

• In 2012, 374 farmers and farm workers died from work-related injuries.

Tractor overturns were the leading cause of these deaths.

• Nationwide, there were 38 documented grain-bin entrapment accidents that resulted in 17 deaths in 2015. That's the highest level since 2010.

“Accidents do happen, but farmers and ATV riders of all ages sometimes make bad decisions or get careless in many of the accidents they are involved in,” said Jason Kaufman, safety coordinator for Arkansas Farm Bureau.

“Even machinery and tools used around the home can ruin a day if not used smartly. It's important for farmers and homeowners to always make safety a priority. Safety is no accident.”

Arkansas Farm Bureau has two full-time safety coordinators on staff who offer 13 different safety and informational programs free of charge to schools and civic groups.

“Farm Bureau is concerned with saving lives and preventing injuries,” said safety coordinator Amanda Williams.

“Arkansas Farm Bureau is dedicated to educating Arkansans about safety concerns. We not only offer tractor and farm safety programs, but programs on ATV safety, school bus safety, 'Where Does our Food Come From?' and more.”

For more information, visit the “Education and Youth” section of Arkansas Farm Bureau's website,

Arkansas Farm Bureau is a nonprofit, private advocacy organization of more than 190,000 families throughout the state to improve farm and rural life.

From Arkansas Farm Bureau