Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the WM utility water/sewer Dept. Mr. Pederson and I think a young man named Luke and Mr. Lamb as well as Karen and Danielle for their excellent customer service I recently received. Sorry I did not complete my text earlier. I meant to say that WMCS still collects Box Tops for Education as well as the other schools you mentioned previously.

[ Editor’s Note: Consider the “ big thanks” passed on to Todd and the crew. I don’t know what your issue was, but that department does always seem to be quick on the draw when the need arises. And thanks for clearing that up about WMCS and the Box Tops. Now I know!]

*** Woody Wheeless is a great man and he had got us a hospital coming with all his hard work. I hope you never need him to help you and if you do I hope he says no you are a mean spirited person. [ Editor’s Note: I’m not sure Judge Wheeless would want all of this arguing over his merits. No matter what someone in a position of power does, there will always be his or her detractors, for whatever reason. He certainly had enough support that no one chose to challenge his re- election bid, and that, I think, says more than enough about his performance]

*** Just wanted to let you know Jerry Simpson has owned the Holiday Plaza Barber Shop 25 years today. [ Editor’s Note: I’ve been getting my hair cut there for years. Well, there and Frasure’s. I have a pretty lowmaintenance hair style, and I always get fast, friendly service. I don’t even have to worry about who’s up in the rotation. Congrats, Mr. Jerry!]

*** West Memphis has a night club? [ Editor’s Note: Well, you won’t find any reviews on Yelp. com, but the VIP Club, located at 111 N. 10th Street, is a real place. If you didn’t see the picture in the paper last week, there’s not a whole lot to the aesthetics of the place. It’s designated “ The VIP Bar & Grill” in the online Yellow Pages.

They’ve even got a YouTube video, but I can’t in good conscience provide a link to it]

*** I’m curious to know where the tax receipts or funds from both Walmarts are going. [ Editor’ Note: If you mean sales tax revenues, collections from the one in West Memphis go to West Memphis, and collections from Marion go to Marion. The county also gets a cut. This is also true for any other business located within either city, or any other city in the county]

*** The last time I checked, the Garr Hole isn’t the owner of the old building on Marion’s historic square and there’s nothing attached to that building which denotes it either. That would be the same as saying Frasure’s Barber Shop building needs to go when Mr. Frasure’s doesn’t own nor does have his business there any longer. [ Editor’ Note: OK]


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