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Why won’t the new hospital have baby delivery service?

[ Editor’s Note: To quote Butterfly McQueen, “ I don't know nothin’ ‘ bout birthin’ no babies!” But it basically comes down to basic economics and having the proper staff. In order to maintain a delivery room and all of its accoutrements, there would need to be ‘ x’ number of babies being born in the county every month/ year. And, at least the way I understand it, there just aren’t enough to justify a full obstetrics program here, at least not at the moment. From what I do understand, the ER will be fully

capable of emergency deliveries, including cesarians]

*** What are we supposed to do about all of these unopposed candidates that we need to get out of office? Why won’t anyone run against them? [ Editor’s Note: Thanks for at least not mentioning any “ good ol’ boy” networks, conspiracy theories or other cloak & dagger plots. But you really answered your own question. If no one runs against an elected official that their constituents feel isn’t acting in their best interests, it’s sort of a ‘ stamp of approval’ by default]


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