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Love text the times! How do you answer some of those questions and keep a straight face?

[Editor’s Note: I honestly try to answer each text we get with accurate, helpful information. I do get some head-shakers from time to time, but I also understand that some issues are very important to some folks and they just want to get an idea across or vent their frustrations. Sometimes, though, I squint at the screen and think “Really? ” I’m not trying to be mean with my responses when that happens, but just like readers can get frustrated, I can too] We had a hospital board and our hospital filed bankrupt.

How can that be!!! Well folks we also have a school board and it sounds like are about like it is also doing the same kind of job as did the hospital. How many of you school board members actually care how our schools are going down. When is the last time you asked teachers what they have to say. They are very unhappy, but what does the board care. It’s time some of you people on the board leave. Oh yeah I forgot we elect you! Do you ever talk to teachers or you do like hospital and wait until it’s too late. Our schools are pretty, but that doesn’t make them good. We have good teachers who really care. What have you as a school board member done lately or will you watch while our schools fail. This text was meant for Marion school board, and not West Memphis.

[Editor’s Note: My son is about to graduate from Marion High School, and I have no complaints about the quality of education he has received (for the record, my oldest son graduated from West Memphis in 2014, and I also have no complaints about the quality of education he received). With that out of the way, the online “GreatSchools.org ” is a wonderful resource for gathering information about schools. They also do a pretty efficient job of defining what, exactly, a school board does. As they define it, a school board’s primary responsibilities are to: Set the vision and goalsfor the district, adopt policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals, hire and evaluate the superintendent adopt and oversee the annual budget, and manage the collective bargaining process for employees of the district. If you, or others, feel that the current members of the school board are failing to perform those duties, then, as you note, “Oh yeah I forgot we elect you! ” Being on a school board is a largely a thankless task, but if you, or anyone else out there, feel like a change is needed, the filing period for the Sept. 20 school board elections begins June 6]

How can you do C-sections in the ER if they have no OBGYN coverage?

[Editor’s Note: I’m going to go ahead and admit it… I can’t. Now, if you mean, “how can a fullylicensed, fully-trained emergency room-certified physician perform a cesarean?” …years of medical school]

Why would ANY law enforcement agency allow an 18-year-old person to be a jailer?!

[Editor’s Note: According to the Arkansas Department of Correction s website (adc.arkansas.gov) qualifications for an entry level jailer (listed as ADC/DCC Correctional Officer I), the applicant must be able to pass a background check, be a minimum of 18 years of age, have a valid Arkansas Driver’s License, and hold the formal education equivalent of a high school diploma, along with the note that “additional requirements determined by the agency for recruiting purposes require review ana approval by the Office oj Personnel Management. ” So, there you go. Now, whether your average 18-year-old is capable of handling themselves in that type of position, well that guy, apparently, was not]

Photo submitted via Text the Times

This picture was taken in a valet parking at 3:30 a.m. Friday evening until Saturdaymorning at 7:00 a..m. This car was parked in the same place for 15 hours. This car belong to the Taxpayers of Earle, Arkansas. Mayor Carolyn Jones were driving this car.

[Editor’s Note: I get it. There are a lot of folks in Earle that want to point out the terrible job the current mayor is doing. And I also get that driving the city-owned car to West Memphis puts miles on it and you could argue that it “looks bad” or whatever to see it in the Southland parking lot “for 15 hours,” but as I understand it, she was given the car (my opinion on that is a whole other matter) to use while she is mayor. I’m not sure the fact that it was parked at Southland is really what I would call newsworthy.Then why run it at all, you might be asking? I guess to show that the people of Earle are trying really, really hard to point out their dissatisfaction with the current administration]

Photo courtesy of West Memphis Schools

Count all the Math Bee winners!

First grade: 1 st-Max Todd, 2nd-Mallorie Sharp, 3rd-Levi Vangilder; Second grade: 1st-Ellie Carr, 2nd-Wyatt Gardner, 3rd-lsaac Pillaro; Third Grade: 1st-Carley Key, 2nd-Madelyn Allison, 3rd-Chloe Fesperman; Fourth Grade: 1st-William Tennison, 2nd-Abby Grace Nelson, 3rd-Emily Thorne; Fifth Grade: 1st-Ethan McAdoo, 2nd-Cadence Sudbury, 3rd-Akyla Dean; and Sixth Grade: 1st-Jonathan Thompson; 2nd-Brandon Webb; 3rd-Malcom Perry.

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