Text The Times.

Text The Times.

I read the editorial about the old hospital in Wednesdays evening times. It stresses the fact that if the hospital remains unattended it will become a major eyesore for the city. I know that anyone who lives in West Memphis has been to the east end of the city. Talk about an embarrassment to the city! Old broken down buildings with broken boarded up windows, roofs rotting off. Burned up houses that are left standing. Does the city of West Memphis not consider this blight an embarrassment to our community? Or is it OK because it’s not next to the city hall and the mayor’s office?

[ Editor’s Note: Working backwards through your text, the fact that the old hospital is in close proximity to not only City Hall, but also the RiverPAC Civic Complex, actually would make it a priority over outlying parts of the community. That’s not a very popular idea, but when the city is putting on its “ best face” for visitors or potential businesses, that area of the city is far more likely to make an impression. Old dilapidated homes are indeed an eyesore, but the primary responsibility to their upkeep falls on the property owner, not the city. The city does have a procedure in place for dealing with such properties, beginning with a notice of code violation, citation, tax lien, condemnation, addition to the demolition list, notice of intent to demolish, and then finally razing of the property. As you can imagine, it’s a long process, but failure to follow it could result in a lawsuit or other problems]


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