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Just read the article concerning the old hospital and the possiblity of using it as a drug rehabilitation center… Excellent facilities that are here to positively effect the lives of so many and create jobs… Amen and a loud sigh of relief… I’ve driven by the old Hospital countless times and prayed that someone would buy/lease the entire facility and put it to good use. Crittenden County Residents can now be supportive of our new proposed tenant and pray that each and every lady to have a second chance at life and to remain drug free.

[ Editor’s Note: It seems, to me anyway, that any use of the old hospital building would be better than the two other alternatives — tearing it down at a cost of what I’ve been told would be a couple million dollars, or letting it sit there unoccupied and crumbling down.So, the idea that the Department of Community Corrections would be able to utilize it as a drug rehab center seems like a win- win scenario. I have heard some grumbling about the idea, especially when there were rumors going around that the site was being turned into a “ women’s prison,” but no one I heard complaining was offer-ing any alternate ideas]

*** Why did the trial for Lorenzo Parker and “friends” never go to trial?

[ Editor’s Note: I wish I had a better answer for you, but it’s quite common for cases like this to drag on for years, to simply be dropped after a defendant has cooperated with an investigation or for the prosecutor to simply elect not to prosecute. In any event, Parker, who is seeking re- election to the quorum court, is fully eligible to serve in that capacity]

*** Thank you Marion School Board for listening to teacher concerns. Best teachers in the state!

[Editor’s Note: Now, I can’t really tell if this is in response to the text the other day complaining about the Marion School Board or if there is some pretext to getting two texts about the school board in a three- day period that I don’t know about. Either way, consider the word passed on…]

*** Editor. If this isn’t the most blatant example of a newspaper politicizing a non-issue – regarding mayor jones and the city owned “limo.” You even had the gall to run a picture. If the mayor had been of a different persuasion would you have printed it? Thats a rhetorical question, I already know the answer. When Bush went to his ranch in Texas to chop weeds, I’ll bet he was on the tax payers dime – oh I forgot, there is a slight difference. My bad. Public office comes with perks. So to all you whiners, shut up and run for something preferably “OUTER MONGOLIA” IMHO

[ Editor’s Note: I’ll have to go through this one step- bystep. Any action taken by a politician using city- owned property is, by its very nature, already politicized. Your use of the phrase “ rhetorical question” indicates you may not be fully aware of that phrase’s intended meaning, because you assume at least two fallacies as you make it, the most glaring of which is that the newspaper’s editorial position on the Earle mayor’s is predicated by her “ persuasion” ( whether you meant gender, race or what, you fail to make clear), a point which you attempt to bolster by drawing a comparison to an assumed editorial stance on a U. S. president, who incidentally, has not been in office in over seven years, without offer-ing any evidence to support it or explaining the logic behind the statement, which I am infer-ring to mean Bush’s “ persuasion.” The last part of your text is the most troubling, as it seems to suggest that your recommendation for the best course of action regarding political malpractice is to simply run away from it]

Text The Times
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