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Text The Times.

I love my country. USA of America! I pray for USA & the world! God made them both! I believe in being part of the solution not the problem! Saying disrespect & Deceitful things don’t help. As for hospital, let’s vote yes to get a hospital. The hospital will grow. I also respect laws & position of president. This is a good country & some people don’t appreciate USA! People have been coming here always because of that fact. Yes people should come legal, yes something has to be done to secure our borders. I will keep on praying in God I trust!

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like these are things just about everyone can agree on. You know, there’s this here election coming up. Maybe you should have run for office?]

*** I know everyone in the county wants a new hospital. I agree we need one, but why are we being asked to pay to build it. Baptist has building everywhere that they built without asking for tax money to build. Does this mean all the residents of Crittenden County gets a discount when they go there for treatment? What about the tax we already pay for the existing hospital? Whey are they going to stop collecting it. I say we welcome Baptist Hospital with open arms, but that we close the checkbook. [ Editor’s Note: This is just one of a number of different tax- based incentives that are commonly used to spur economic devel-opment. Others include tax rebates, reduced tax rates, PILOT ( payment in lieu of taxes) agreements and support through A& P revenue. It basically comes down to two questions: Do you want a hospital? Are you willing to support it with your tax dollars? There’s really no other point to argue with the vote just a few days away. On your other point, there will be no more public money spent on the old hospital building as of March 1]

*** I am surprised that that person knows it is an east end of town… come down from their tower… We voted early. The ladies were so nice… thank you ladies. [ Editor’s Note: Early voting really is the way to go if you have the opportunity. Polling sites on election day tend to have long lines and a little controlled chaos, but the important thing is to vote, regardless of your views]

*** What does Mr. Bass mean by “stop the coon train?”

[ Editor’s Note: To get that answer, you’d have to ask Mr. Bass. But from what I can infer, Mr. Bass and the rest of his “ Unity” don’t like the way the Quorum Court does business. They have particularly singled out Lorenzo Parker, Vickie Robertson and Tyrone McWright, as being cronies for the white establishment. So basically, and again, I’m just using my context clues here, the “ coon train” is the collection of local black politicians who are cooperative with their white counterparts within the workings of local government. I guess you, the voters, will get to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing]

*** Sirs there is a hospital on 7th already is another necessary? Baptist does not need help, so why? THANKS [ Editor’s Note: I have to assume you are referring to the East Arkansas Family Health Center. And while that is a lovely facility that provides a number of much- needed services, it is in no way a hospital. It has no emergency room, no in- patient capacity, it is not open 24 hours, and there is a welldefined limit to the scope of procedures that can be per-formed there. Having said that, if you feel like the county would be better served not investing in the Baptist Hospital, by all means vote “ no” on Tuesday]

*** I was so fortunate to be able to attend the assembly at Wonder Elementary last week. The Harlem Ambassadors shared their motivational life experiences with the students. I was impressed with the teachers and with and students. I was impressed with the teachers and with Mr. Leeman Brown as they kept the excited youngsters in line. I saw several teachers that made me think of some of my elementary teachers in control and to be respected. Loved that! I must point out that Tuesday’s paper with the photo of “teachers” included me. The young man assumed I was a teacher and pulled me into the fun. I have the utmost admiration and respect for educators. In past years I did some substitute teaching but I cannot claim to be as qualified as these fine teachers! Respectfully Karen Jackson.

[ Editor’s Note: It’s events such as this one that serve to remind me that there are always plenty of positive things going on in our community, regardless of some folks’ tendency to always focus on the negative or things they simply don’t agree with. Our schools are especially, it seems, invested in providing great things for our children to be a part of]


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