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Text The Times.

How in the world can you run such an anti-police article without doing any research on the subject? Did you check ANY facts before printing garbage from a so called parent “expert?” Did you care to find out that officials from the Marion Police Dept and Marion school district went to a week long training last summer? I am disgusted with this type of journalism! [ Editor’s Note: As you hopefully read above, opinions were divided on last Friday’s article concerning the response to the gun- on- campus incident at Marion High School. While you ( and the person above) are entitled to an opinion, one point you make that I would dispute is that the article is in any way “ anti- police.” If anything, the article is “ prosafety,” for students, teachers, and the police and emergency responders in these types of scenarios. I swear I’m not asking this to be antagonistic, but what facts are you disputing? And in ref-erence to your question “ Did you care to find out that officials from the Marion Police Dept and Marion school district went to a week long training last summer?” I will have to counter with a question of my own. Did you read the articles on the incident that ran in the Feb. 22 and Feb. 24 editions of the paper? ( the Feb. 22 story featured the school district’s take on the incident, while the Feb. 24 story featured the Marion Police Department’s). I only ask becuase both stories mentioned the very same RAVE training you are claiming we ignored. Was that also “ print-ing garbage” or does that only count when you disagree with what is printed?]

*** Somewhere I read that Trump said that our government is run by stupid people. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he was referring to our PRESIDENT Barack Obama. If a mixed-race child from a broken home, raised by his grand-parents, graduates from Harvard U school of law – (with honors), elected to the U. S. Senate, elected twice – President of the U. S. OF America. It this is TRump’s definition of stupidity – y’all hand me that dipper, and stand back, I’ll take me 4 or 5 SUPER helpings right now, thank you. IMHO

[ Editor’s Note: Whatever your opinion of President Obama, or current congress, or any of the candidates running for office, “ stupidity,” if that’s what we’re calling it, runs across party lines indiscriminately]

*** Can anyone explain why Marion has codes? They are not enforced. One family on Geeland leaves their garbage can on the street year round.

[ Editor’s Note: I wouldn’t say they are not enforced, rather that some are more strictly enforced than other. Marion passed an ordinance banning trash recepticles from curbside on days other than the designated pickup day back in 2011. I’m not sure it’s especially high on the priority list, though. And honestly, I’m not sure it should be]

*** If you have an assistant principal, excellent in every area it only makes sense to move them up to head principal. Avondale needs the consistency and excellency to continue!

[ Editor’s Note: Well, if school administrative positions were up for election like our civic leaders, you’d make a great campaign manager]

*** In the 2/26/16 paper there was an article regarding (west memphis fire struggling to keep paramedics). It seems everytime there is a problem within the city officials resort to finger pointing, but they all know the answer to the problem of loosing employees. I’ll make it simple with this example. If you joe public were a firefighter or paramedic in W. Mphs and you wanted to make more money and better yourself, why would you not leave for the same job in another town and make up to $10,000 more a year? There are 55 firefighters in W. Mphs the city has lost 44 in the last 5 years. WEST MEMPHIS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! and in the future you could very well loose your Class 1 Fire rating! I urge the city leaders to take responsibility and do what is right to stabilize this situation or our fire dept. will be just a training ground for other fire departments. [ Editor’s Note: I’d be interested to hear what your solution to these issues would be]

*** Subject: The Crump Boulevard roundabout…it will be a hardship on this side of the river….I am asking shippers to not shop over there or in Tennessee at all!!!

[ Editor’s Note: TDOT seems to think that what happens on this side of the river isn’t as important as what happens on that side of the river. That “ T” stands for Tennesseee, after all]

*** Thank the Times for the articles about the farmer and the doctor from Earle. Keep on digging…these things happened before alot of us were born. Kutgw [ Editor’s Note: For history buffs like myself, the Crittenden County Museum’s Facebook page is a treasure trove. We’ll keep running stuff from them as long as Mr. Machnitzki keeps posting it. Also, I figured out “ Kutgw” meant “ keep up the good work” without Googling it. Unless it actually means “ kill ugly turtles, go weasles!” or something…]

*** The most unpleasant experience in 30 that I’ve been voting. The couple attacked when I enter the parking lot. One gentleman had a cigarette hanging from his mouth while giving me a card for the circuit court judge. Another young lady was so loud I didn’t need my hearing aid. What has the county come to? I’m not sure which candidates are responsible, court house has turned into a circus. The people have no class. [ Editor’s Note: I’m all for candidate supporters having their opportunity to drum up support for their guy ( or gal), but I’m going to agree with you. I went up to the courthouse recently to pick up an absentee ballot for my son, who is away at college, and like you, I was immediately confronted with aggressive campaigners.

To their credit, they did stay within the designated area and I didn’t have any issues with cigarette smoke, but it was somewhat off- putting and I do wish there was a little more control to that process] ***

Who is Mr. Bass? I got your coon!!! Who cares about what the KKK thinks. [ Editor’s Note: Well those are three sentences I had to read]

*** I'm requesting that the Speak Out column return. I am elderly and do not text. My daughter is typing this message for me because I don't own a computer. I have plenty to say about a lot of things published in the paper, mostly the Our View column. Old people have a right to speech and deserve a space too.

[ Editor’s Note: I happen to know a lot of old people who can text quite efficiently. My dad can even Facebook… sort of. But the truth it, Speak Out was a major headache. There were plenty of time when we just couldn’t understand what was being said ( and more ofte, things we could understand but couldn’t print). Having said that, I’d invite you, should you wish to weigh in, to simply write down what you’d like to say and bring it by or mail it. If it’s lengthy, we can run it as a letter to the editor, and if it’s short, we’ll run it in Text the Times. And if that doesn’t work for you, just call me! I get calls every day]


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A little post-test stress?

The National Guard set up this obstacle course in the Patriots field house for students to relieve some stress after testing all Tuesday morning at Marion High School.