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Where are the REAL presidential candidates? I mean like the ones we USED to get?

[ Editor’s Note: I actually have a theory, and that’s all it is, but I feel like there are many, many potential presidential candidates out there, but they don’t run because politics is just a circus now and it’s not worth the scrutiny, the headache and the drama, so you get what we’ve got. Or do you just mean historically? If that’s the case, 42 of our 44 presidents have been white, male protestants. If that’s what you are looking for, the only one left in the race is one Donald Trump. Everyone else is missing at least one of those attributes]

*** Shabaka Africa story; where is the byline for the story? The entire story is a political advertisement it is the only “news story” without a byline in the paper. The worst attempt at fooling the public about news. Disgraceful.

[ Editor’s Note: For the past several weeks a number of political candidates have purchased space in the newspaper to announce their candidacy. As a newspaper, a portion of our revenue comes from paid advertisements. I don’t know if you have noticed, but for every candidate announcement that appeared in the paper ( they were easy to spot, as they all featured the exact same format ( bottom left-hand corner of Page 1, accompanied by a head shot) there were accompanying ads. That’s been our business model for years, and we run any candidate that chooses to advertise in our paper. This should in no way be viewed as an endorsement. For example, we ran announcements for both candidates for County Coroner, becuase they both bought ad space. If you didn’t see a candidate’s announcment in the paper, it’s because they did not see the value in buying one]

*** I will be voting yes for the new Baptist Hospital…although, I’m not sure it’s all our leaders are making it out to be. What it sounds like to me, is a glorified emergency room or an emergency access center – a place where they can stabilize you until they can get you to one of their facilities in Memphis, a poaching center, if you will. I’m also hearing that some of the local physicians and surgeons that have hung around, taking care of patients since the hospital closed, will be left out of the Baptist loop, as they bring in their already existing staff. Nevertheless, it is an Emergency Room, and with a family to worry about, it’s better than nothing.

[ Editor’s Note: If you’re not aware of what services the new hospital will be providing at this point, you’re simply not reading the paper. We have run numerous stories on what services will be provided. And anything that you are “ also hearing” is the same type of misinformation that only causes confusion, like the fellow who texted in to let us know that the new hospital was going to be in Jericho or that the old hospital board “ stole all the money.” Sometimes, if you don’t know, it’s better to say “ I don’t know.”]

*** This is in regards to the gun at the school incident. First off why would a Highly Trained Professional put in the paper that no way Marion Police Dept is no way prepared? Now all your thugs and sicko’s believe’s it, leaving the school vulnerable. I feel their concerns should have been taken to the Chief or the Mayor. The source officer had the gun and juvenile in custody, the gun was not loaded but if it had been the situation could have gotten bad quickly and no amount officers being on the way Highly Trained or not would have prevented it and Marion PD I commend you for a job well done. Crittenden County has always come together in a time of tragedy and still will. I’m sure all local county and state agree the children are the most important.

[ Editor’s Note: I hope that by now, the understanding is that no one is trying to make anyone look bad. The goal of that story was to raise awareness and let the community know that there are, according to our source, improvements that can be made to how situations like this are handled. I don’t think the “ thugs and sicko’s” are reading the paper looking for better opportunities to release mayhem, though]

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