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I vote at the Eugene Woods Civic Center. Every time I vote, the sidewalk is blocked with people campaigning for the candidates. Tuesday, March 1st was the worst I have ever seen it. Who monitors this and when are they going to do something about it?

[ Editor’s Note: This is the second text I’ve gotten in as many days about voters being inconvenienced by campaign workers at the polls. The Election Commission is ultimately responsible for monitoring campaign activities, but it would require around the clock monitoring to keep guidelines enforced. My suggestion would be to report any problems directly to the commission or at least to the County Clerk’s office at the courthouse as they are occurring]

*** Referring to your comment about the Arkansas Municipal League certification. Surely your not implying these two afore mentioned leaders attend this training. I’m sure they would only return confused by the facts ;)

[ Editor’s Note: Just saying, there are those who were born to govern, and those who could use a little rearing on the subject … and those who should just maybe stay out of the game altogether]

*** Boards on the childrens play fort are still not been repaired or perhaps not even looked at! One heck of a lawsuit might be brewing! Thanks

[ Editor’s Note: I think you actually assume personal responsibility and liability when utilizing public facilities, otherwise, if I break my ankle at the tennis court, I could concievably sue the city over my hospital bill]

*** I could not make the meeting Monday on CR Hospital. Since no bars or fences around it to prevent non violent female drug offenders to walk away will there be security guard at entrance to prevent slipping out? Also will crittenden county be able to get their citizens sent through court when they are drug offenders & DUI repeat offenders. Crittenden county help also, alcohol is a drug. Alcoholics & other drug offenders should be kept separate in facility.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m sure they will have a security guard posted and the doors that need to be locked will be locked]

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