Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Why are there only 4 pictures of people running for president we have 7 In today’s paper.

[ Editor’s Note: There were actually 19 on the ballot in Arkansas. For the sake of brevity, I selected the top two polling candidates for each party. Turns out, those numbers held up during the actual vot-ing as well]

*** If trump is elected I’m wondering if he will bring back the textile industry. More white sheets = more jobs. If you get my drift. HILLARY FOR “POTUS” & BILL CLINTON FOR “FIRST LADDIE” 2016. thank you

[ Editor’s Note: I assume this is a KKK reference, although I don’t think the sheets are en vogue anymore. The Klan has been in the news lately, and these days they’re dress-ing like “ Mad Max” rejects, with mismatched quasi- military gear and various shiny doo- dads]

*** Yet again the justice system has failed to help the private citizen. I learned this morning that the case of the state trooper who hit a child has been postponed, he sits at home doing nothing and drawing a paycheck!! This is part of the bigger problem that we have in this city. I agree that he is innocent until proven guilty but not to draw a paycheck while he is sitting at home. Maybe the rule could be changed to “off with pay for one month”

[ Editor’s Note: I assure you this is no different from many legal cases, even minor ones, in which numerous extensions are granted, prolonging cases for weeks or months. Yes, it is a little more irksome when the defendant is on a paid suspension from a public service job, but it’s actually irrelevant to the case. Due process and equal protection under the law and all that]

*** Why does this newspaper continue to facilitate illiteracy in this area by not including PBS in its TV schedule? U include all the other networks that only show programs that misinform and dumb down the public, but don’t include the one and only station that actually educates people. How pathetic this so called newspaper is by not caring and or not being aware that there is a big illiteracy problem in this country, especially around here, and then making the problem worse by not showing the PBS schedule. U should b ashamed!

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like I explained this once before. Let me check the archives… ( goes to check the archives) It turns out I did, back in December. But I will revisit the topic here, in case anyone missed it. Back in December, if you recall, I honestly didn’t believe the TV Guide we use didn’t have PBS on it. But, sure enough, no PBS. As I explained, the TV Guide service we use comes as part of a nationally- syndicated package that also includes the Horoscope, Dear Abby and a handful of other features. And since each PBS station is locally operated, often featuring local or regional programming, there is no set national program-ming schedule the way there is for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. So the TV Guide we offer, a national programming guide ( well, specific to our time zone), doesn’t have our local PBS programming schedule. In re- reading your previous text, I see you are still sticking with calling us a “ pathetic” “ so- called newspaper,” so kudos for your stick- to- itiveness, I suppose. Again, sorry we don’t have the PBS listings. They are readily available online, though at www. pbs. org/ pov/ tvschedule/. As a parting shot, however, I have to question the use of “ U should b ashamed!” when complaining about illiteracy]

*** After reading the article about Earle today I wondered if the writer understands what a speed trap really is. I travel that route often and the Earle police cars are in plain view, they are not hiding behind anything. If you are not speeding you have nothing to worry about. If I was running radar highway 64 is where I would have my patrols monitoring traffic. It is the main route through Earle with a high volume of truck traffic.

[Editor’s Note: As I said in my response, I wasn’t sure if there was a speed trap in Earle or not. I know the speed limit drops down for a short stretch as you approach the main intersection, so perhaps the police are setting up near the slowdown zone and being especially rigid in their enforce-ment? I don’t know, and I’m not going to speed through Earle to find out]

*** I guess you only print the “text the times” that aren’t critical of the paper?

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like I could easily finde multiple examples of texts critical of the paper ( like the PBS one up there). In fact, we run with very, very few exceptions, every text we get. The only way to get your text excluded is if it includes profanity, a personal ( and thus potentially libelous) attack on someone or includes an unsubstantiated claim ( again, potentially libelous). And even in those circumstances, I try to figure out a way to include them ( by censoring the profanity, for example, or changing “ Bob’s Shoes” to “ a local shoe store.” Now, if someone is texting in to tell me that Councilman Boo Radley is having an affair or that the preacher from the 3rd Baptist Church is on crystal meth, yeah that’s not getting in the paper. That’s what Topix. com is for]

Text The Times
Text The Times


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