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So what do you call taking money out of people checks for insurance and not paying it that stealing. And with the price gauging before Wal-Mart came to Marion all the gas stations prices were the same including in west Memphis now it’s higher in west Memphis same gas.

[ Editor’s Note: Man, this is putting me in the awkward position of defending things I don’t like … sigh. But anyway, the Hospital Board had nothing to do with the decision to take the employee insurance fund and spend it on general expense items. That was CRH management. Now, outside of the employees and their families, few were as angry as I was with how the hospital was mismanaged ( for years, apparently). And siphoning the insurance fund seems pretty fraudulent, but is slightly different from “ stealing,” which suggests someone simply pocketed the money). And no one hates high gas prices as much as I do, but all the area gas stations were not the same before the Marion Walmart. They just weren’t. The most glaring example of this was along Missouri Street where there are four gas stations within a stone’s throw of each other between Shoppingway and Barton, and none of them ever have the same prices]

*** It’s only a matter of time before Hubert Bass has another meltdown and starts calling everyone a coon again. His plans to create a block on county funds, which made no sense whatsoever, have failed. Thank you to the voters for not falling for his and his cronies BS.

[ Editor’s Note: While Bass and other members of his Team Unity may have some good ideas, anything they say or do seems to fail to connect with voters due to their divisive methods and rhetoric, which automatically causes many people to simply tune them out. Bass’ group’s pledge to “ Stop the Coon Train” does no one any good and ruins any chance at credibility]

*** Regarding the issue about the hospital being converted to a correctional facility. It seems the quorum court members are expressing THEIR opinions of what should or should not happen without asking their constitutes what their position is on this matter. If you are a representative of the people, should you not listen to their opinion rather than always expressing yours/ As taxpayers we are the ones paying your salaries, it seems that fact has been forgotten.

[ Editor’s Note: While I am all about public discourse, I would point out two things: 1) There was a well- publicized open forum last week to discus the matter, so I feel like the quorum court is, in fact, soliciting input from the public. 2) The quorum court is a county- level form of representative government, so their job is to make decisions for their constituents based on what they think is best. With those two facts in mind, I think the justices are doing exactly what you suggest they should be doing. Also as an additional way of getting input to the public, County Judge Woody Wheeless has solicited input on his Facebook page]

*** Holidays are coming up shop at home…or leave it alone…TDOT sure is acting like this side of the river are some country bumpkins…let us show them. Keep your money at home. I am asking the Editor that in the near future… like next week… please explain the sales tax to a lot of us…I see tax 1..2..3..4…depends on where you shop you may see tax two and three. Please…thank you.

[ Editor’s Note: It’s a little more complicated than what I’m about to lay out here, but basically, when you buy something, you have your base sales tax. In Arkansas, it’s 6.5 percent. Crittenden County has an additional sales tax of 2.75 percent. So, anything you buy in the county will come with a 9.25 percent sales tax. Now, each city also collects a sales tax. Here are the tax rates for all of the cities in Crittenden County that collect a city sales tax: Anthonyville ( 2 percent), Crawfordsville ( 2 percent), Earle ( 2 percent), Gilmore ( 2 percent), Jennette ( 1 percent), Marion ( 2 percent), Sunset ( 3 percent), Turrell ( 2 percent), West Memphis ( 1.5 percent). There may also be additional tax, depending on what you are buying. For example, if you eat at a restaurant, you will also pay an additional tax, usually called a “ hamburger tax” ( even if you order the chicken strips), of 1 percent. Other items, such as alcohol, tobacco, gas, hotel rooms, etc., have additional taxes as well]

*** Hooray for the governor of Mississippi who is suggesting that to be fair, black history month should be equalized by having a month set aside for confederate history month!

[ Editor’s Note: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas ( all for-mer Confederate states. Four states that were historically part of the Confederacy: Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, do not have a Confederate History Month. But as to your text, the Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant, is not “ suggesting that to be fair, black history month should be equalized.” The celebration is acually called Confederate Heritage Month, and has been recognized in Mississippi since 2010]

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