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Just as a curious citizen, how can Kyle Watkins run for office with charges of battery against him? He is not a peaceable man. He is violent, slanderous and a trouble maker. The people of this community need to start standing up and looking at the candidates that want to run our city and county. Where does he come from and what experience does he have? Where does he work? Is he the type of person that represents peace? I think not. I know I refuse to cast another ballot for someone who clearly is not qualified! Enough enough! Look around people experience and honorable reputation speaks volumes in the world or politics.

[ Editor’s Note: “ Charges against him” is the exact same thing as “ Not been proven guilty,” therefore, there is nothing to prevent him from running for or serving in office. If he is convicted of felony assault ( which I wouldn’t be surprised to see lowered to a misdemeanor, if he is even convicted), then he would indeed be ineligible for public office. As for the rest of your concenrs, I’d remind you that, should you happen to live in JP District 7, there’s another candidate for whom you may cast your vote]

*** I been keeping up with the information regarding the new women’s rehabilitation center coming to the former Crittenden Regional Hospital and according to what I’ve read, they’re going to offer some very good paying jobs. My question is, will there be any housekeeping/custodial positions available? I may be interested in applying for one. I would prefer working in the Professional Building (which is what I would’ve like doing while Crittenden was there).

[ Editor’s Note: I have seen a complete breakdown of all of the more than 120 jobs that the ACC facility would bring to the community, and there are indeed some of the jobs you describe on that list. No word on if you get to pick your spot, though]

*** Let’s not forget that March is Women’s History Month. I agree with State Rep. Micah Neal. State-supported twoand- four-year colleges and universities should be taxed on their private, profit-making investments. [ Editor’s Note: It is indeed Women’s History Month. As someone who gets to deal with three generations of wonderful women on a regular basis in the form of my mother, my wife and my daughter, I’ll go on the record as saying that women are pretty cool. To your next point, which was such a hard left-turn I nearly got whiplash, that does seem only fair, especially considering how many ( tax- free) revenue sources colleges already have]

*** So I guess you changed the rules on Text the Times? You printed the first five I sent (with my caller ID off) but you didn’t print the last three (with my caller ID off) So…just what are the rules???? [ Editor’s Note: I doubt you’ll believe me, but we don’t keep up with any numbers, and we certainly don’t have caller ID. If something you texted in didn’t get in te paper, I assure you there had to have been a perfectly good reason]

*** It’s easy to talk crap about Marion P D and go to another town. The facts are you wasn’t good at your job and you didn’t move up. Cry baby.

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like this was directed at a specific individual. I guess consider the message passed on?]

Hello my friends how many of ya’ll have heard of a senator out of TX named Ted Cruz? Everyone is busy but PLEASE take 5 minutes and research this man. Be well worth your time. He’s running a fair race but he needs us. God Bless. [ Editor’s Note: I’m sure by now everyone who has been paying the least bit of attention to the presidential race is familiar with Senator Cruz. Just a non- biased take on Cruz… If your goal is to prevent Donald Trump from securing the Republican nomination, Cruz is your best bet, in that he has the second- most delegates at this time. But there are some drawbacks.

There is still some controversy regarding his citizenship, which honestly shouldn’t be an issue, but there are those who will make sure it is. He’s just not very popular, as in likable, according to his fellow senator ( seriously, Google “ hated senator,” and 90 percent of the links are related to Cruz). And he’s not the darling of the “ establishment” Republicans, who see him almost as much of a maverick ( but much more refined) as Trump]

*** We need to clean up blight in West Memphis, reduce crime, improve our education system, and get more things to do, not get a prison “rehab” facility. Why do our local governments not think enough of us to save us? West Memphis is in danger of becoming a barren wasteland and nobody is doing anything. I have yet to hear Mayor Johnson’s opinion on an issue that heavily affects his city. West Memphis used to be the 10th largest city in Arkansas, and it has now fallen to the 18th or 19th. Obviously, our leadership has failed in doing something, but once you fail, you try a different tactic, not give up. It just seems like Crittenden County is so nonchalant about the fact that we are becoming one of the most pathetic counties in Arkansas. We have all got to THINK BIGGER. This isn’t about trying to turn West Memphis into the next Southaven or Germantown, but it’s about ensuring that West Memphis reaches its fullest potential. There no reason why Arkansas “wonder city” should be left in urban decay. SAVE WEST MEMPHIS AND SAVE CRITTENDEN COUNTY!!! [ Editor’s Note: To quote the Beatles, “ You say you got a real solution. Well, you know. We'd all love to see the plan.”]


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