Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Please replace the flag that you are flying. It’s a disgrace to our country. [ Editor’s Note: I guess we all have our own way of saying things, but another approach to this might have been “ As a proud American, I’d appreciate it if you’d replace the flag outside your building that was apparently damaged during the recent bad weather.”

The whole “ disgrace to our country” suggests that we are intentionally and purposefully flying a damaged flag. Anyway, I don’t know what it is… perhaps the fact that there is almost no break from the wind in that spot or perhaps we have purchased a series of poorly made flags, but this is at least the third flag in the last 12 months that has ripped on us. Look for a replacement very soon]

*** Is there a law in Crawfordsville about dogs barking all the time? There is one next door that barks all the time…very annoying can’t sleep or get out in our yard… and another ? is does the burn ordinance cover burning large logs in a fire pit? Smell awful… [ Editor’s Note: One of the trade- offs of not living in the “ big city” is that some of rural life’s “ features” aren’t necessarily good ones. Country folk are apt to own dogs, and dogs bark, some more than others. And I don’t think there’s a burn ban in effect at the moment, but some folks enjoy the smell of burning wood. For a more complete explanation of Crawfordsville municipal code, I’d suggest giving Crawfordsville City Hall a call at ( 870) 8235291] *** Why is it that every thing we need in the county or city, be it a fire truck, veterans center, airport, roads, the “first” thing out of every one mouth is for some outside sources to pay or raise taxes on working people to accomplish this. We don’t have business folks or enough wealth already here to figure this out??? [ Editor’s Note: I may be reading this wrong, but are you suggesting that our local businesses and the wealthy people of Crittenden County pay for the above- mentioned items?

I’m not weighing in on this being good or bad… just making sure that’s the plan.

Like, West Memphis needs a new firetruck, so instead of pursuing a grant, just ask Guaranty Loan to cut the city a check? We want to turn the old hospital into a veterans’ center, so get all the businesses to chip in $ 10,000 a year to pay for it? I suppose that’s an idea] Can’t we get a decent restaurants with reasonable prices in this city? [ Editor’s Note: I find that when I’m hungry, I never have trouble finding a place to eat around here]



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