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[ Editor’s Note: Sports Editor Chuck Livingston is today’s Interim Editor, and will be answering all questions]

*** I noticed that you didn’t answer the question regarding the sale of equipment from the hospital. How would one go about purchasing items or at least be given the opportunity to do so? Is this a private sale? Where you get the bargains, but we know nothing about it? Thank you. [ Interim Editor’s response: Ohhh! I see. That sale has ended, unfortunately. I believe all of the leftover items have been auctioned off. I do agree that it would have been nice to know about for the public, though]

*** School administrators should NEVER hire friends, family or nomads. Promote from within.

[ Interim Editor: This has certainly been a disturbing trend popping up lately. On the surface, it seems like a lot of fun to sort of get the band back together and live out your college, or high school, days again. But sometimes that nostalgia can blind you. I can imagine that it would be twice as hard if you have to discipline your friend, or roommate, for potential bad behavior, and if you don’t do so, then everyone would assume that you’re taking it easy on your buddy. How do you not let that affect you? Having said all of that, you can never say never. What if the person is qualified for the job and is the best candidate? Would you hire someone that’s less qualified simply because the better candidate is your friend? That seems like a stretch too. It’s a sticky sit-uation all the way around]

*** Re: School Board meetings. Only student or employee matters should be in executive session. All other matters should be expressed out loud and stated exactly what they are voting on. Our board wants to read all items before the meeting then vote yes or no on item #4. This is so wrong and probably illegal.

[ Interim Editor: I tend to agree with you. It’s to the point where the whole thing may as well be in executive session. I’m not sure about the legality of this practice, but it’s not terribly convenient for someone who wishes to cover the happenings at the school]

*** I just have a couple of things that I would like get off my chest. I often meet ambulances on the roads around town with the drivers smoking. Now I know the ambulance service are privately owned but this is a disgusting habit that shouldn’t be allowed in a medical vehicle. Now my next big gripe is the city and county officers smoking in their squad cars. I know these aren’t privately owned and I think the tax payers property should be smoke free. Thank you for your time. [ Interim Editor: Smoking certainly is always a hot- button issue. I’m not a smoker myself, and I never have been, so I can see why someone driving an ambulance would not smoke on the job, ideally. Police officers I don’t see the issue quite as much, aside from your point about the vehicles being paid for by the tax- payers]


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