After Easter

After Easter

Fishing is similar to planting a garden. Do not plant your garden before Easter because it will not do well. Too much water, not enough water, too cold, too hot, or too something that’s not right. The old folks used to say that the Devil got your garden. Wait till after Easter to plant. Fishing tends to be the same way. The best fishing always comes after Easter Sunday. The weather will get warmer and the lakes will stabilize putting the spawn in high gear. The best fishing is always the week before the full moon. Speaking of the Devil, I know of few fishermen brave enough to miss church and go fishing on Easter Sunday morning.

When you send me pictures of big fish and lots of fish, give some details of where, when and how it happened. I have a picture of a young lady about ten or twelve and no details. No name, no age, what kind of bait, and where she caught the fish. It’s amazing how many people are fishing in the same waters. It sure must be crowded at “Secrete Spot.” I always enjoy reading about the trip and I need that information. It’s fun to share the trip with folks.

How’s the fishing equipment? Last year’s rods and reels are probably still in pretty good shape, but how about the latest in new lures, lines and other fishing accessories? Unfortunately, there is a shortage of fishing equipment stores close by with both equipment and staff that not only knows what’s popular, but how to use it. Some of the discount stores have a good selection of fishing supplies, but the staff has few outdoorsmen. There are several in Memphis, but it requires a trip across the bridge and that seems to take at least half a day. However, it might be worth the effort. If you are wanting live bait, try The Cricket Box in Marion. It’s in the breeze way behind Cliff’s Auto Parts. They have worms, crickets and minnows along with basic fishing tackle. They also know where the fish are biting.

Pat Bonds at Horseshoe Lake was telling me that there are great plans for the public ramp in the near future. The free ramp is on the west side of the lake. The State will enlarge the boat ramp and pave part of the parking lot. There are plans to tear down the old falling down wooden pier before someone gets hurt on it. He also said this district now has a new fish biologist who has plans to improve the fishing. The crappie have been good, but there is concern over bream fishing, especially the shell crackers…At one time, about half the bream caught were big red ears. Not so the last few years.

I went to the public ramp on Horseshoe Sunday afternoon after church and there were quite a few people putting in boats. Late in the afternoon the boats started returning and several of them had nice stringers of crappie with several in the pound to two pound range. Only a few bass and no bream. Also, the wind started to pick up making the lake rough fishing.

Keep sending me pictures and stories. If you have something to discuss, please let me know and we can have an outdoor forum on the subject. Take that kid fishing.

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By John Criner Outdoors Columnist