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Richland team takes Quiz Bowl title

8th consecutive championship for school

West Memphis School District

It was an extremely close call, but Richland Elementary won its eighth consecutive Quiz Bowl championship last Friday at the Eugene Woods Civic Center.

Richland emerged champions once again after defeating second-place Maddux Elementary in the title round by one single question.

'I call this a dynasty, yes,' said a smiling Mary Beth Gunter, who along with Janelle Sellers, coached the Rockets. 'Our kids did a great job, especially when it came right down to the end.'

Maddux actually handed Richland its only loss in the tournament. Bragg finished a strong third in the seventeam field while Weaver placed fourth.

'In our very last game it came down to the last question,' Gunter added. 'To tell you how even we were with Maddux, we lost by only one question to Maddux. It was a squeaker.'

The last school to place first since Richland was the now defunct Wedlock back in 2008.

Richland team members include Adam Coleman, Brandon Webb, C.J. Semiche, Buckley Harrison, Callie Parker, Kolby Garey, Abby Bolton, Jonathan Thompson, John Ryan Henson, Clara Griggs, Holley Sheals and Chloe Marriott.

By Billy Woods