Marion man to take the ‘Broken Skull Challenge’

Marion man to take the ‘Broken Skull Challenge’

Catch Jason Webb on ‘ Stone Cold’Steve Austin’s CMT show 'Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge' is touted by the CMT network as “the ultimate competition show.” Each week, Steve Austin brings eight elite athletes to his Broken Skull Ranch to test their strength, stamina and endurance. Each episode sees contestants go head-to-head until the last man or woman standing earns the right to take on the toughest obstacle course in America, the 'Skullbuster,' for a chance to win $10,000 in cold, hard cash. In the newest episode debuting Sunday, April 3 at 8/7c, Steve invites eight new male competitors to take on Summit, Barn Burner and Strapped before one competitor gets his shot at the Skullbuster and $10,000.

One of those competitors will be a Marion native. Jason Webb, a 39 year-old, 5’7”, 168 lb. physical therapy assistant who works for Fenter Physical Therapy, will take his skill set to Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch on this Sunday’s episode.

According to Webb’s bio, Jason believes that whatever he lacks in size, he makes up for with heart. He's a former professional MMA fighter, amateur boxer and a work out machine. These days, he keeps in shape by trail running.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Webb believes he's one of the toughest competitors to go up against, thanks to his speed, endurance and strength. If he wins the $10,000, he plans on using it for renovations on his house.

“Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge,” now in its third season, features host Steve Austin, who many will remember from the mid-90s professional wrestling boom and his run with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Austin’s no-nonsense approach to demanding 110 percent from contestants gives the competition show an edge.

In the past, the show has featured military veterans, professional fighters, police and firefighters and a whole host of toughmen (and toughwomen), all thinking they have not only what it takes to outlast the competition, but conquer the “Skullbuster” obstacle course as well.

“Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” is one of CMT’s highest-rated series, reaching more than 4 million weekly viewers.

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And, of course, root for Webb as he takes on “The Texas Rattlesnake” demanding course.

By Ralph Hardin