AWM Beta Club Induction ceremony

AWM Beta Club Induction ceremony

Honor society welcomes 26 new members

West Memphis School District The Academies of West Memphis inducted 26 new members into its Beta Club with a formal ceremony at the school’s Performing Arts Center recently.

The new inductees were welcomed by a candle ceremony following a word from principal Gary Jackson and a greeting from president Kevin Smith. The new members took their pledges with a candle in each hand.

They were all given certificates at the end of the ceremony, which was concluded by a reception with food and refreshments.

The Beta Club officers besides Smith include vice president Katherine Reese, secretary Joshua Foster, treasurer Sara Kate Spurlock, junior representatives John Haney, Josh Dantzler and Jason Scott, senior reps Katy King and Ahmere Albert and sophomore reps Tucker Collins and Madison Holmes, both of whom were new inductees.

Other inductees include sophomores Claudia Brown, Danisha Conley, Manlana Deese, McKenzie Delucia, Tyler Dye, Lauren Harrison, Ashtan Hickman, Madison Holmes, Brunson Langston, Dawson Mathis, Kennedy McClanahan, Hanna Patel, Christopher Reid and Jordan Young.

Junior inductees include Tykira Bullins, Rylee Elmore, Shanel Gray, Jaterria McClure, Jamea Macklin and Paige Bowser. Senior inductees include Rene Adams, Dylan Gazo, Jailon Grant, Bria Johnson and Natalie Rose.

Sponsors for the Beta Club include senior sponsor Charles Foster, junior sponsor Asha Foster and sophomore sponsors Janet Laye and Katie Hutton.

By Billy Woods