Comfort zone? What’s that?

Comfort zone? What’s that?

I recall one person who told another: “I don't want to do that. It would get me out of my comfort zone.”

Whereupon the other retorted at once: “I am going to make it my job to keep you out of your comfort zone.” It's called challenging someone.

And it's not just that progress will not happen unless new and innovative advances take place in society. That is too much of a generalization.

More importantly, it's about us as people. We need to personally advance, learn, strife.

We need to grow internally.

To be gracious, I won't say, “Grow or Die.”

Instead, how about, “Grow or Mold?” or “Grow or Fold?”

Like the old saw about friends-they sharpen us by our association with them and rubbing up against them. They challenge us, dare us to succeed, or even double-dog dare us to try something new or adventurous.

Who needs the same-'olsame-' ol?

Maybe you've heard the line about, “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be what you've always been?”

I mention all this even though it is self-evident.

Who wants to go on vacation to somewhere you've already seen?

Who eats only one entrée at a restaurant?

Why do you think they make more than one model of car, style of house or kind of ice cream?

It's like reading books with the same plot. The same thing as Hollywood does with infinite sequels to Jason, Freddie, Megasharks, or Final Destination franchises?

I kid you not.

I hear it all the time from others.

Others who won't change their job because they are scared of the attempt to expand their skills, and they suffer instead, doing what they don't want to do, for minimal wages.

Others who follow the crowd, afraid to be themselves or practice their individual yearning to excel.

Others who settle-lowered expectations on parade-for that thing they despise, the situation that is intolerable, people who do not encourage them, and living conditions that could be better.

All because they don't want to get out of their 'Comfort Zone.”

Which brings me to a bone of contention.

What is so all-fired great about your 'Comfort Zone?”

Let me offer some encouragement here.

There is a scripture (Psalm 96:1) that goes, “Sing to the Lord a new song.”

Is there some special significance in the fact that a song is 'new?' Not especially.

Is there some special significance about a song not being 'old?' Again, no.

So what is the reason to sing a 'New Song?' It is because there is a new and different reason to sing that song every day. Blessings happen every day-every way. And they are new and different all the time; they are totally unexpected and fresh, and invigorating. As a result, there are new things to be thankful for.

And leave the Comfort Zone far behind us.

Try new things.

Think new things.

Read new things.

Talk to new people.

And remember…to appreciate it all.

Even if it does take you out of your Comfort Zone.

By Robert L. Hall