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Nice to see Arkansas especially Crittenden County when it comes to that almighty dollar; the possibility of e-commerce with China. Reminds me of trade deficits with China as of 2015; a mere $385 billion drop in the bucket. Doing a little homework; the US has lost 1 million jobs to China. If you can get a pass to visit the railway intermodal west of Marion and view all the rail cars coming in especially during the holidays; they’re from China. Why? Because its greed of profit by our local super stores. You buy a shirt for thirty bucks; about a 500% mark up. Let’s concentrate on getting American factories and distrubtion back and put Americans back to work across the nation with whatever means possible. hope you can post a picture at a look of trade relationship between these two countries.

Besides trade China has some of the worse human rights violations in the world such as censorship and torture. Christians have to meet in secret locations for study and worship. The US have turned a blind eye on such violations in the name of business relationships intact. Will Arkansas do the same?

[ Editor’s Note: According to the federal government ( via census. gov) the U. S. trade deficit with China was $ 365.7 billion in 2015, an all- time high. U. S. exports to China were $ 116.2 billion, while imports from China were $ 481.9 billion. Economics, a college professor once told my class, is a cold, hard mistress. She’s only interested in the numbers. And here are some numbers: China, with a work force four times that of the U. S., will always be able to make more stuff for less money than we can. That’s basic math. But we, with a much higher consumer spending capacity ( due to our higher per capita income), will always want more stuff than we can make. Even if we were able to produce more stuff here in the U. S., it would cost so much more to make, that the retail price would put it out of range for many consumers. Now, I don’t like it any more than you do, but look at it this way: The U. S. exports $ 116.2 billion worth of goods to China. That’s a lot of money. And American consumers are so wealthy, they are able to purchase nearly half- a- trillion dollars worth of Chinese products, with a huge portion of sales tax and tariff revenues staying right here in the U. S. That might be “ spinning” it, but it’s true. Now, as to your point on China’s human rights issues, China is authoritarian state, one that has historically curbed fundamental rights, including freedom of expression, association, assembly, and religion, particularly in areas that are perceived as a threat to the ruling party. However, a power shift in early 2013 has seen positive steps in certain areas, including abolishing the Re- education Through Labor detention system, announcing limited reforms of the hukou system of household registration that has denied social services to China’s internal migrants, and giving slightly greater access for persons with disabilities to the all- important university entrance exam. But, no, it’s not a free society, and likely won’t be any time soon. The question there is, again just from an economic view, “ So?” You reference “ the almighty dollar” at the beginning of your text.

While there is a time and a place for human compassion and making decisions based on moral, rather than fiscal, grounds, I’m afraid China is too large a global presence to find that happening in this case. The shorter answer, to be blunt, is simply that we can get what we want for less money by getting it from China, so we will]

*** I see the new womens prison will be opening soon. Guess thats good news for local businesses… you know, home security systems, gun stores, bail bondsmen, drug dealers. [ Editor’s Note: Ha- ha… yes, I get what you’re saying. And fine, I know not everyone was in favor of getting the ACC in the old hospital building, but it seems to me it’d be a more positive approach to focus instead on the growth our community will see due to the new jobs and new families that will be here thanks to the move]

*** What is the law about playing basketball in the streets? I can’t even get to my house some afternoons because of “kids” in the street. [ Editor’s Note: Honestly, my knee- jerk response is let the kids play basketball. I mean, are they literally keeping you from getting down the road, or is it a few seconds of inconvenience that has you all upset? But after thinking about it for a minute, I can see some issues, especially if it’s late at night, they are being loud or using profanity, they are leaving garbage on the street, etc. So, the law, at least in West Memphis, is Municipal Code 13.16.030, passed in 1933, amended in 1973 and further augmented in 2007. The law states, in part, “ It is unlawful for any person to erect or cause to be erected any basketball poles, support structures, basketball nets, street hockey nets, or skateboard ramps within the rights- of- way of any streets of the city.” Penalties for violating the ordinance include: a written warning for the first violation, a $ 100 fine for a second violation, and a fine of $ 500 per additional violation, said items subject to being removed and confiscated by the city. Now, a couple of years ago, the Police Commission and some of the City Council had a pretty lengthy discussion about it, with the consensus being basically, yes, it’s against the law, and police would be instructed to monitor the issue. Having heard nothing since then, I assumed there weren’t any problems. Perhaps that is incorrect]


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