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Text The Times.

I’m not in favor of anyone losing their job but these wanta be Barney Fife Police officers got what they deserve by being laid off. Pulling people over and giving them tickets for going 1 to 2 mph over the speed limit is pathetic, not to mention following people from a distance and pulling them over after they leave Parkin and they wait for you to speed up some and pull you over in Earle which is 5 miles away. This happens quite often, and I doubt any of them are certified to run radar. These so called policemen were way overdue being taken off the streets. Maybe they can lend there cars to Earle and there joke of a Mayor, just don’t let her take the cars to the dog track every night, and don’t forget to check the oil in them first. [ Editor’s Note: I may have told this story before, but I was the recipient of a Parkin Police Department speeding ticket a couple of years ago, and the entire process was pretty sketchy. The officer was not in a police car, at least not a marked one. The officer was not in a police uniform, but rather in black pants and a black T- shirt that read “ POLICE” in yellow letters. He said his radar had me at 57 in a 50 mph zone, which I briefly attempted to explain was the process of me slowing down for the 100 yard stretch of Hwy. 64 where it drops from 60 to 50, but quickly abandoned since he was already writing the ticket.

Well, a couple of week later I went to court, which was being conducted at the defunct Parkin School. When I walked in, the city attorney was going person- to- person before court actually started and asking people what their charges were. By the time he spotted me, I had already picked up on the routine. He would dismiss the speeding charge if I would simply plead guilty to inattentive driving, which was half the cost of the speeding ticket and would not go on my driving record. I took the deal, went to the clerk ( who had occupied the old principal’s office) and paid my ticket. When telling this story the next day to someone, I was told ( and have been told again since) that I should have just fought the ticket, since the officer was not radar certified and after explaining my side of it, it would almost certainly have been thrown out.

I don’t want anyone to be unemployed and I know the people of Parkin don’t like the idea of not having a local police force ( it seems like one more nail in the coffin of a small, rural community), but I know the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office ( now responsible for law enforcement in Parkin) is made up of qualified, certified officers, so it’s probably for the best]

*** Any country as china that steals from its partner in trade comes not as friend but as an invader. [ Editor’s Note: I’m not sure what you mean by “ steals from its partner,” unless you mean exporting more than it imports. If that’s your argument, there are dozens of countries that import billions more in goods from the U. S. than they export. Hong Kong, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Egypt, Qatar, the Dominican Republic and Columbia alone combine to import $ 166.8 billion more worth of goods than they export to us, and I don’t think U. S.

producers are interested in giving that up]

*** So… they did some more to the intersection of Colonial and Meadowbrook does that mean they are “done”… because it’s still pretty jacked up. [ Editor’s Note: Again, I’ve mentioned before that I use that intersection to get to and from work everyday, so I’m just as interested in it as you are. As of this morning ( which will be a couple of days ago by the time you read this), I’d say it was probably about 90 percent where it needs to be. Whether they have designs on getting to that other 10 percent or are going to call it “ good enough,” I can not say]


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