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Text The Times.

Evening Times. Thank you so much for the story and history of the Angel. I have driven by her and wondered what her story was. An awesome piece of history in the middle of a field Kudos go out to those that participated in her cleaning I will have to make a special trip out that way again to see what the Living Angels from First Assembly did to help her shine a little brighter.

[ Editor’s Note: Glad to run it. If you go by there, you might as well swing by the abovementioned Crittenden County Museum there at 1112 Main St., in Earle. There really is so much local history around here, from pre- European arrival to Civil War history to Westward Expansion to our music and cultural heritage. History can be fascinating if you’re interested in that sort of thing, which, as seen in the text below, not everyone is…]

*** Enough with today in history who cares what happened n 31 or who was born n 1817 just a waste of space n paper already not worth the money I pay each month. [ Editor’s Note: Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you’re not going to get any support from me on this one. I love history. I get that it’s not your thing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t run it. I, for example, think the Daily Horoscope is one of the most ridiculous things we pub-lish, but people read it. Everyone isn’t going to like every thing. The same could probably be said for any number of features we run, such as the Outdoors Page, the Editorial Cartoons, Crossword Puzzles, or School Honor Rolls… even Text the Times. Well, not Text the Times. I’m sure everyone loves that]

*** Editor. for you to denigrate the officers uniform is beyond pale, if, he/she had been wearing ruby red lipstick, spike heels and a G-string–bottom line “YOU BROKE THE LAW”. My gut feeling is that it’s more than the RACE of the race of the officers, than anything else. Editor, be honest — what was the persuasion of the officer that messed up your day??? Old habits are hard to break. Aword of advice from a retired LEO to the slow – Or sufferers with cognitive issues! The best way to avoid any interaction with law enforcement at all is real simple… AHEM! DON’T BREAK THE LAWS. Some people would gripe if they were going to be hanged with a brand spanking new nylon rope.

[ Editor’s Note: I’ll just take this one line- by line. First, props to you for your use of “ beyond the pale,” a great phrase taken from English history. But I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you on how a proper patrolman should appear when on duty. A certain part of the respect that all law enforcement officers command comes from their appearance. Your suggestion of “ ruby red lipstick, spike heels and a G- string” would certainly be true of an undercover operative, but not a patrolman ( or patrolwoman…

is it OK to still say “ patrol-man” or is that sexist now? …

patrolperson?). In fact, an unmarked car with an underuniformed officer seems, to me, almost grounds not to stop. But as long as we are going on “ gut feeling,” mine is that you are assuming that I am a racist, that my concerns over the Parkin Police Department are based on the fact than I am white, and that by your admonition that “ Old habits are hard to break,” that I was raised to be a racist and need to take steps to overcome my inbred racist tendencies. Or are my “ cognitive issues” misinterpreting that? While I would never deign to insult or disparage anyone who works or has worked in law enforcement, I will set a bar of reasonable expectation. Also, “ hanged with a new rope,” another cool English aphorism. Good day, sir]


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