Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Gun grabbers are trying to tax guns out of existence. Cook county, Illinois and the city of Seattle is all over it. A $1000 tax per gun. Hillary first endorsed this idea in 1993. Research shows that when law abiding citizens have guns there’s less crime in the area.

[ Editor’s Note: I’m all for gun rights, but I certainly can see the need to at least try and regulate them. I don’t think making them more expensive is the answer, though. Anyone on either side of the argument can find statistics to match their argument, though. However, two statistics worth noting: 100 percent of victims killed by gun- toting criminals remain dead, but 100 percent of criminals killed by gun- owning homeowners never commit a crime again]

*** Sirs I’m James Slaton, Caller I.D. I guessed was part of a text message. Inflation-the newspaper up 150 percent. [ Editor’s Note: Umm, hello, Mr. Slaton. I’m going to assume you are talking about this newspaper, but we haven’t had a price increase in a number of years, and even then it was from 50 cents to 75 cents, which is only a 50 percent increase. Unless you are harkening back to the days when the paper was only a quarter, which, at least from what I can unearth, hasn’t been any time this century. I will suggest, however, if value is something you want to maximize, that you consider an annual subscription. It’s only $ 78 a year, that comes out to only about 30 cents per issue, delivered right to your front door… well, reasonably close to your front door]

*** The gumbo festival was so disappointed reason some of the teams would not let u sample their gumbo what a shame on them. [ Editor’s Note: I have heard both good and bad about the gumbo fest, but this is the first time I’ve heard about teams not letting attendees sample their fare, although I heard that most ran out of gumbo later in the afternoon, so maybe that was it. Or maybe they were “ gumbo snobs,” I can’t say. I will say, our man on the scene, Mr. John Rech, has been to a couple of gumbothemed events, but refuses to eat it, claiming it looks like “ dirty water. I can confirm, though, that he’s missing out]

*** Judge Wheeless has done a lot of great things for this county but he is just wrong about “Arkansas Works.” It is simply an expansion of Medicaid and will add billions of dollars to our national debt, making more Arkansans dependent on a federal entitlement program, and rob future taxpayers who will have to foot the bill for this unsustainable program. I Know how our politicians work though, it more than likely will pass. [ Editor’s Note: I think there’s some confusion here.

Arkansas Works isn’t an expansion of Medicaid, it’s replacing the Private Option plan that was already in place that serves as our state’s alternative to Obamacare. Support for the bill, which did indeed pass late last week, was deemed, at least by most, as necessary to ensure continued federal funding for several other programs. The only additional cost, which is the state taking on 5 percent of the $ 1.6 billion cost of the program, was going to happen anyway under the old plan]

*** Being one of the “old schoolers,” I really did enjoy Mr. Robert Hall’s article on “Where’s the beef” in Thursday’s ET! He certainly summed it up very well. [ Editor’s Note: I also enjoyed that column, even though the “ old school” I went to was about 20 years later. I remember the commercial, and even remember Walter Mondale asking the same question in his 1984 political campaign. My takeaway was how much people in their 20s and 30s seem to simply take for granted. And I’m not even trying to fault them for it.

In some ways, it’s simply a testament to how prosperous those in their 40s, 50s and 60s have made it for them. It’s be nice, however, if that generation would appear a little more appreciative of what they have, rather than howling in protest over what they don’t have ( granted, you can’t lump all of those folks together, as there are plenty of hard- working folks in that crowd, but they are the ones making up the “ occupy” movement and the push for $ 15- an- hour minimum wage)]


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