Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Hey! [ Editor’s Note: Hello, there!]

*** Thanks for your wise council concerning defamation. [ Editor’s Note: I’m going to go ahead and take this at face value. I will further elaborate that I fully understand that some of the things we see happening can be frustrating and cause us to want to rage or scream for justice, occasionally we may not have the whole story, or there may be circumstances to which we are unaware. Yes, also it can be a case of someone getting away with something, so if you have real, tangible issue with someone, and you feel strongly enough about it, try to follow through the appropriate channels to resolve the issue]

*** (1) Thank you sir, for giving Crawfordsville a thumbs up on living out here. We are proud of our town. We have accomplished a lot of things in the last few years. Our Mayor takes pride in our town to get it looking good and wants the residents to do the same thing!!!

(2) Can someone take down the OLD CRITTENDEN REGIONAL SIGN down on the corner of Rhodes and Broadway? Since there is no hospital now, why keep the sign up.

(3) I read the history every day. It is good things to remember. History is life, no matter where we are at. Glad you are keeping it. [ Editor’s Note: ( 1) Crawfordsville is a great example of how a small, rural community can maintain its identity in the 21st century. ( 2) That’s actually a pretty good idea. I’m not sure exactly whose department that is ( The city? The county?) but hopefully someone who can make that happen will read this and take action.

( 3) I get that not everyone likes history ( in fact, my own wife will often only tolerate me spouting off about some historical trivia), but I’m glad to see some enjoy it]

*** I had always assumed that publications that print letters to the editor, or in this case, Text the Times, did so to give voice to the community. If a question is not asked, and no gross error has been stated, there is no need for an italicized, and increasingly lengthy response. Your editor’s notes are often snarky and diminutive. If you simply must have a forum in which to propagate your opinion, perhaps you might write a column. [ Editor’s Note: I always allow letters to the editor to stand on their own merit ( or lack thereof), since we require that they include the writer’s name for publication. Text the Times, does indeed seek to give a voice to the community, but those texts, which are anonymous, often present biased or even incorrect ( intentional or unintentional) information that I then attempt to balance ( even if I agree with the texter’s point) or correct. I certainly don’t want to deny anyone an opportunity to express their concerns or opinions, but it was never suggested to me that I should simply allow someone to make blanket statements and have them go unexamined.

( and as a side note, I really only get “ snarky and diminutive” in my responses when the message I’m responding to seems to warrant it]


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