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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Why should the taxpayers keep paying to keep trash out of Harvard Yard? Even if they are rentals the people living there should take care of their own trash!! Just another example of lazy butt people wanting the govt to take care of them. By the way, there are some nice, clean well taken care of houses out there. It’s not all bad. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t think anyone is talking about free trash collection.

From what I gather, it’s a matter of implementing a trash collection service that would be overseen by and paid through Sunset, which provides water service. In most communities, including Marion and West Memphis, water and garbage collection are billed through the utility department. To your second point, there are, indeed several well- maintained homes and lawns in Harvard Yard, which makes it even sadder that the rest of the community is in such bad shape. To think how Harvard Yard used to be sort of a “ community of the future” when I was in my early teens to what it has become is just a shame really]

*** This is a pic (see photo) of the roughest train tracks with speed bumps on N. 7th Street in front of the old Riggs Hardware. No one wants to claim this horrible crossing, not the city, county or state. All I know is that someone needs to smooth this out. If you drive it every day you’re going to tear the front end out of your car unless you ease over it which most people do. We are taxpayers who deserve better and we shouldn’t have to come to a stop on a 4 lane road when all they have to do is smooth it out. Somebody needs to claim it and get it right, it’s embarrassing to have this in our city, not to mention all the service roads around malfunction junction at Missouri St. at the service rd. [ Editor’s Note: It is a state- maintained railroad crossing, and it is indeed a rough spot. I honestly don’t know, outside of the complaining that has already been done, what else might spur someone to action. On your other comment, the area where Highway 77 meets the Service Road and you’ve got that whole entaglement of one- way streets and questionably- timed traffic lights, that location is a logistical nightmare, especially before and after school, and I have no idea how you’d fix that]

*** Why is Mayor Bill Johnson of West Memphis not attending the RegionSmart summit in Memphis to discuss bettering the midsouth region? Mayors Frank Fogleman and Dorothy Greer are attending. Is West Memphis not worthy of the mayor’s time? [ Editor’s Note: I assume by Dorothy Greer, you mean Dorothy Cooper, mayor of Turrell. If not, I’m sorry, I don’t know who you mean. Anyway, I’m not overly familiar with the RegionSmart summit, but if you’d like to know about Mayor Johnson’s attendance, or lack thereof, his number at City Hall is ( 870) 732- 7500, and I’m sure he’d be happy to discuss it with you. He’s very friendly]

*** I am a retired police officer.

This is all to females. If someone comes knocking at your and says they are the police stop before opening the door.

Call the police department and ask if they have an officer out at your address even if they are in uniform. I am a husband, father and grandfather of girls please think of your safety. [ Editor’s Note: I hope this is just a precautionary warning and not the result of something bad happening to someone you know. It’s good advice, though, and as a son, husband and father, I’m with you 100 percent on this idea.

It’s probably pretty good advice for anyone really. I’d much rather explain to a police officer why I called the station before opening the door than have some ill- intentioned person in my home]