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Although we need it, Health Care is soooooooo expensive. Even after you pay your copay, the insurance company pays their part, you still owe large amounts to pay. [ Editor’s Note: You are preaching to the choir. I hate insurance companies of all sorts. I wish I had a total of the amount I have paid in health, car, dental, vision, etc. insurance and a total of what I would have spent on expenses had I not had them. I feel pretty confident I’d come out ahead. But just on health care costs in general, I’ve read a few places that the reason medical costs have escalated in the U. S. is because doctor’s have to carry hundreds of thousands of dollars in malpractice insurance ( there’s that word again) because of lawsuit-happy patients. It’s a vicious circle, I tells ya]

*** You might as well send someone else to events john rech is not any good at thee things he not interested it them send someone else I wanted to know who won [ Editor’s Note: Now, now, don’t be getting on my man! I’m assuming you’re talking about the Gumbo Fest. I actually thought the Chamber would have sent us a list of winners by now, but they haven’t. The Gumbo Fest was seven hours long. While I’m sure it was fun for those taking part, I can assure you it would have been neither fun nor worth the hassle of a reporter ( any reporter) being there for the whole thing. We just wanted to get some pictures to capture the spirit of the event]

*** Hello to you? It is an honor for our kids of the old Hughes High School be so great and humble since it closed down. They are exceeding in academics as well as sports. I was reading in the paper last week about the track meet held in West Memphis and two of our kids: Paris Perkins and Santerria Booker took four lST PLACE ribbon home. Three from Perkins and one from booker plus a second place I’m very proud of our home town hero’s and not forgotten about our three amigos from the Marion Patriots b-ball team AJ Latham, Marion Warren and Shawn Doss. What a year for the Hughes Blue Devils no school but the legacy lives on. As we say loud here: LET’S GO HUGHES. [ Editor’s Note: I’ve read about these students and others in the paper over the course of the soon- to- be- over school year and am glad to the the students from the former Hughes School District thriving in their new school environment. Hopefully this will continue, not only on the ball fields but also in the classroom]

*** The blight problem in Harvard Yard is not new. That area has looked like a landfill for decades and the people who live there brought the blight on themselves. No one from another area came in and dumped trash in their yards. The residents of Harvard Yard should be forced to clean up their own mess. [ Editor’s Note: I’m with you, at least to a certain extent.

Ultimately, a property owner is indeed responsible for their own property, but Harvard Yard is just a weird situation. While the community was thriv-ing in the mid- 1980s, the expected annexation into Marion never came, so the expected city services that one usually expects from being part of a city ( utilities, garbage collection, fire and police service, etc.) also never came, forcing residents there to rely on a patchwork of deals with the county, Sunset, Marion, private contractors. And now, this is where it’s at. I’m sure many gave it a shot, and may still be giving it a shot, but… Have you ever heard of the “ broken window theory” by chance? It’s a sociological idea that if a window in a neighborhood gets broken and it gets fixed, it’s no big deal. But if a window gets broken and doesn’t get fixed, it’s a signal that it’s OK to have a broken window and it slowly becomes not only acceptable but “ normal” in that area to see unkempt or dilapidated properties]

*** Got a phone call yesterday from a 379 area code it was a wireless phone according to caller ID. They claimed to be from the IRS and have been looking for me. Said I had a lawsuit against me… right… guess the IRS is using cell phones now… what happened to the mail box? [ Editor’s Note: Thanks for calling in.

This clearly appears to be yet another scam being perpetrated by people who are simply preying upon people who are too naive or trusting ( or let’s face it not educated enough) to recognize fraud when they hear it. Just so I can say I said it, the IRS, the FBI, the Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department and the Prince of Nigeria are never going to contact you by phone and ask for money. The IRS does just fine sending out letters, law enforcement knows where to find you if they want you, and Nigeria doesn’t even have a prince]

*** Am I the only one that thinks its a bad idea to put woman on the frontlines? There is a bill up to also draft women. Even China knows better. [ Editor’s Note: Are you the “ only” one? No, you are not the only one.

But is it right to deny women who wish to serve in the military the opportunity to do so?

No, probably not. As to your comment about the draft… be careful what you read on the Internet and Facebook. There is no plan to institute a draft ( for men or women). The bill you are likely referring to is a bill that would require women to REGISTER for selective service upon turning 18, as every U. S. male citizen is.

There has been no draft since 1974, and U. S. military forces are large enough through voluntary enlistment to make the need for one very unlikely]


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