Local fishing news

Local fishing news

This last week of warmer weather has improved the fishing in local lakes. Crappie have been consistent and the bream are starting to get good. There’s nothing like a big bull bream or shell cracker on the end of a fly rod or flexible pole. Many of the bass have spawned and are leaving their nest. It’s easy to tell a female large mouth that has just spawned by how the bottom of her tail is worn down and quite often is bloody. That comes from fanning her nest or bed.

The Rev. Mozell Williams brought a monster bass to Lakeside Taxidermy to be mounted. The big female weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces and was over 22 inches long.

He caught the fish at Wapanocca using a jig pole.

Bet that was quite a fight.

Right after the catch, the storm hit and it was a race to the boat dock. It’s the largest bass mounted this year by Lakeside.

The fishing at Midway has improved, Randy Lee brought a nice 6 3/4 pound bass to mount. He said he had caught several, along with some nice crappie. It’s nice to see Midway fishing improve. The jumping carp have just about ruined many of our Mississippi River lakes and there seems to be no way to get rid of them.

Weather has been a big problem much of the spring. Just as the fishing gets good, the rain sets in for several days. When fishing large lakes like Horseshoe, Midway, Wapanocca, and other large lakes watch for the strong winds. It can happen in a matter of minutes. When in doubt, head for the ramp.

As it warms and the weather settles, the fishing should get better and better. The week before the next full moon should be wonderful for bream as they go on the beds for about two weeks. Ultra light jigs, worms and crickets will be baits of choice and ice chests of big bream will become common.

Keep me updated about your success and send pictures and fishing stories. Remember, if you don’t go, that trip never comes around again. Take that young fisherman with you. If you play it right, he will learn to clean the fish.

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By John Criner Outdoors Columnist