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Text The Times.


Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

2 the evening times the med passed on n was renamed region 1. Now shame on u 4 put n that n ya paper u get paid good with my tax money so ur home work or get off da pot get my driff? [ Editor’s Note: While I would be happy with the extra income, we don’t get any of your tax money. And Regional One Health is still popularly known as “ The Med,” but our apologies if that somehow confused or offended you]

*** So when did Marion get a truck stop? Why don’t Marion put their new signs by the trash!!! “Welcome to Marion: Shouldn’t there be laws against this? NO TRUCK ALLOWED! Here’s your sign!!!!

[ Editor’s Note: Don’t get me wrong. I see what you’re saying. It is unsightly, and it is right next to the Interstate, where people make their first impressions about the city ( see photo). And there could be some sort of illicit activity afoot. But on the other hand, truck drivers can have a hard time finding a place to stop and they work long hours, so the old shut- down gas station parking lot was probably a convenience too good to pass up. I don’t know if there are any laws against the big rigs parking there, unless maybe it’s trespassing, but they might have the owner’s permission or the owner might simply not care. Is this happening all the time or is this an isolated incident?]

*** Can we work on the timing of our news stories? I can’t remember how many times I get home from work, open the paper and read about an event that happened the same day it was printed in the paper. This gives no one the opportunity to attend. I’d rather just read about the results of the event than get upset that I didn’t even know about it. Just so you don’t have to figure out what prompted this text, I’m talking about Blues on Broadway. I’m sure you put it in that little of cluster of boxes that you call community happenings but that section of the paper is read by no one or at least not me due to the unorganized way it is just thrown in the paper. It forces you to read every little box to learn about anything. Maybe if I start reading this section it will increase my newspaper reading time from 10 minutes to 15 or 20 and I might not miss an event that has a full write-up on the day of the event. Ok now knock yourself out with the italics! [ Editor’s Note: How can I resist an open invitation like that? So, from the top… I like the way you refer to it as “ our” news stories. It makes me feel like we’re in this together, all part of the same community in search of a better tomorrow. I was only plugging the Blues on Broadway event, tying it to the recent crawfish festival at the same locale to drum up a little last- minute interest, seeing as Main Street did not advertise the event with us. But as you correctly surmised, the event was publicized in the News Briefs section ( or “ that little of cluster of boxes that you call community happenings”). I’m not sure why you find that section confusing. All one-time events are listed in the order they are scheduled to take place. All recurring events are usually listed alphabetically or thematically. You might want to give it another try. But if you would indeed rather read about an event after the fact, I hope you enjoyed that write- up in yesterday’s paper]

*** Please get someone to see about getting the E-edition of the paper online earlier than what it is now. Yesterday at 4:00 it was still not up. It used to be p at 10:00 [ Editor’s Note: I took this issue to the powers that be back in the production department, and I’ve been assured that the online edition of the Times is up “ around 1: 15” every day. Now, I can’t confirm or refute this claim, but perhaps there was a one- day technical issue on our end, or web host’s end or your end? Let me know if the problem persists. I’ll be completely honest and tell you we’re still in the learning phase of finding all the insand- outs of our super- cool new

web site]

*** I would like to thank the county for doing a good job on spraying for insects & cutting the grass on Hinkley Rd. in Proctor we have seen them twice already spraying & today cutting grass. If I could get a pray thru to God to stop people from dumping trash, throwing out trash out of their cars as they also drive thru at a high rate of speed [ Editor’s Note: It’s always good to get a positive message, so, good job county maintenance crew! To the second part, I hope God answers your prayers, but there are just a lot folks who consider littering “ someone else’s problem,” and speeding is someone’s way of letting you know “ getting to where I’m going is more important than courtesy or anyone else’s safety”]

*** Delta Cruisers 12th Annual Car Show May 7 at Holly Chevrolet, Marion. Registration opens at 8 a.m. judging at 11:30 a.m., awards at 2 p.m. Jones Connection providing concessions. [ Editor’s Note: There you go, “ Gear Heads”… now you’ve got something to do this weekend. While I don’t know a carburetor froma flux capacitor, and my mechanical expertise ends at “ It ain’t got no gas in it,” classic cars are pretty cool just to look at, so this is probably well worth checking out] ***

Asmall child got mauled by a Pitbull at 405 n 36th street in west Memphis last night. Pit bull is being held at west Memphis animal shelter. Please don't mention my name.

[ Editor’s Note: I appreciate the heads up but it sounds like whatever needs to be done is being done. Hopefully the child makes a full recovery. I’m not gonna lie, I hate pitbulls. I know there are plenty of examples of non- vicious pits, but not enough to make me think there’s nothing dangerous about them. You often hear about a pitbull attack where the owner says something like, “ they’ve never done anything like this before.” That should tell you something right there]