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Help please! It is my understanding MYSA has plenty of funds, why will they not spend some funds on K & R Park and upgrade the bleachers for the ball fields! It is ridiculous the conditions of the seating with some many people attending games! Get off your ??? And do something to help the appearance of the park! Also fix the wooden fencing around the wires & poles behind the Concession Area, it is a hazard and someone is going to get hurt. Do the right thing!

[ Editor’s Note: I haven’t been out to K& R yet this season, but I hope this gets the attention of the powers that be and these issues are addressed, although I’m pretty sure the maintenance and upkeep there are the duty of the Marion City Parks Department and not MYSA. K& R is easily my favorite ballpark in the community and it’s pretty cool how it has grown from just a single field to a veritable complex over the years.

The main problems I see there stem from all the retrofitting and shoehorning that was done to maximize such a small footprint, but it’s mostly things like parking.

Anyway, hope this helps]

*** Thank you for posting my message in the “Text the Times” section. However, in reviewing the message I sent to you and the one you posted. I noticed that words were misspelled in places where I did not make spelling errors. Why was that done? In item (4) of my message I typed the following: “Mayor’s original plan to privately take control of the school property doesn’t work so he request that it be given to the City of Hughes (an offer he first refused without the City Council’s approval because he had his own personal conflict of interest).” The newspaper printed: “person conflict of interest.” Next, At the end of item (10) of my original message I typed the following, “Kudos for Crawfordsville’s bounce back as a small town. Go take a look at their city data. The Black population decreased in Crawfordsville, why because they moved to where their children attend schools,” The newspaper posted: “Go take a look at their city date.” Additionally, I posed the following in the conclusion of my message: “Hughes must find some other way to survive without the forced gentrification of African Americans to West Memphis and without the White suburbanization of Hughes. We are all God’s Children and we must find some ways to survive and coexist positively together. “I shall not, I shall not be moved” nor should anyone else, it is time to step into reality (not the 1950s) reconcile our differences and work together for a better Hughes. The newspaper printed following, “the forced grenification of African Americans…” So I am left with the following question: Do you all simply copy and paste the messages received or do you have to retype them? If that’s the case (retyping) then I can understand the errors printed.

[ Editor’s Note: Unless it is a case of intentionally censoring a word, we make every attempt to run each text as written, including spelling errors, grammatical errors, “ text speech” ( like LOL or using “ U” instead of “ you”), with the notable exception of profanity or potentially libelous language. We don’t save texts, so I can’t confirm or refute whether the errors were yours or ours]

*** If a landlord wont make repairs on a house but gets paid timely what can be done legally? [ Editor’s Note: Well, unfortunately, Arkansas is a state in which renters’ rights are very poorly defined. And the most striking example of this is that Arkansas is the only state in the nation without an “ implied warranty of habitability,” which means Arkansas landlords are not required to make repairs or maintain their properties to keep them at a level that most folks would consider “ normal.” The law is totally on the landlord’s side in virtually all matters of landlordtenant relationships. This is straight from the Arkansas Attorney General’s website under Repair and Maintenance of a Rental Dwelling: “ When you rent a house or apartment, you usually agree to take it ‘ as is.’ This means that the landlord is not required to provide additional maintenance to the dwelling. There are, however, city building codes to protect your health and safety. If you have health or safety problems with your dwelling, contact the city to find out if the residence fully complies with housing codes. If your landlord promises to make repairs, make sure that promise is in the written lease. Even if a landlord does not make a promised repair, the tenant should continue to pay the rent. Tenants have some recourse, such as going to small claims court, renegotiating lease agreement terms, moving or seeking the advice of a private attorney.

Should you feel that your living conditions are an immediate health risk, you may contact the health inspector in your locality.” So I guess the short answer to your question is “ not much.” A longer answer would be to call City Hall, have the code enforcement officer or building inspector come out and examine the property and see if there are any violations of city code being violated. You could also just move out, if that’s an option, and unless the landlord wants to have his or her negligence brought to light in court, you’d probably not be hassled about breaking the lease. As a cautionary tale to future renters, I’d suggest thoroughly examining the wording of any lease before signing, perhaps even having an attorney look it over for a reasonable fee that could save you a lot of headaches and money in the future]


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