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What a terrible situation to see that Judge Joseph Boeckmann abused his power and have not been jailed for his crime. In a small town someone knew he was abusing young men. [ Editor’s Note: It’s a story that received national attention, including a segment on CNN and CBS as well as the New York Times ( and on this very page), but Judge Boeckmann has resigned amid allegations of abuse of power on a grand scale, including swapping sex for reduced sentences and taking thousands of nude photographs of defendants and victims. I’m with you, though, that for this to have gone on as long as it is alleged to have, someone within the system had to have at least suspected something untoward was going on. And I assume it was shame or embarrasment that prevented any of these inmates from coming forward]

*** Wow! I just saw the artwork for the mural on the old Spott’s building. Man that thing is HIDEOUS! Whoever approved that has taste only in their mouth. Please reconsider that design, whomever is responsible. It looks like an homage to invading aliens from another world. [ Editor’s Note: While certainly not trained as an art critic, I have what I consider to be a decent eye for art, with my only real claim to fame in the field being a few awards in the high school art show back in the day at good ol’ Marion High School. They say that “ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and “ Everyone’s a critic,” and one of my favorites, “ Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” Of course, whether or not an artistic piece is “ good” is completely subjective, just like flavors of ice cream or styles of music: I like chocolate and classic rock, you might prefer strawberry and smooth jazz, and so forth. Now, having said all that, it’s certainly a different approach when compared to the other mural pieces that have popped up around town. I won’t say it’s “ HIDEOUS,” because there are likely folks who appreciate it, but I will say it’s not my favorite. It’s a little esoteric for my tastes, but maybe it’ll grow on me once I see it full- sized on the wall]

*** I was surprised to hear that they are filming a TV series here in Marion. Do they need any extras? [ Editor’s Note: Those who have been paying attention may have noticed the presence of the crew of CMT mini- series “ Million Dollar Quartet” over the past few days. They’ve been primarily filming at the old Marion Hotel and out on Mound City Road, but the crew has been based at Marion First Baptist Church and a bevy of classic period- specific cars have been easy to spot on local roads. I think they are using actors from Memphis for bit parts, but who knows, you might be discovered]


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