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Congratulations to the Conston brothers on their academic achievements. Very impressive young men, wish there were more like them. [ Editor’s Note: Since I’ve been working for the paper, I’ve seen many, many scholarship recipients, including National Merit Scholars, Arkansas Governor’s Scholars and a host of well- deserving stu-dents who have earned awards and honors, but I can’t deny it, that story made me smile. Just to see how happy those young men looked in that picture and knowing what bright futures they have, it truly is a big deal and I know they will keep up the good work]

*** The front page story about the beautiful Conston young men is the best story I’ve read since I moved to WM three years ago. Their family, teachers, friends and community should be proud. I certainly am!

[ Editor’s Note: The U. S.

Presidential Scholarship program is one of the nation’s most prestigious honors for graduating high school seniors. That both were selected, out of only four in the entire state and only 159 in the entire nation, makes the accomplishment even more impressive ( and for comparison, only three students from the entire state of New York were selected, and only six from all of California). Now, I didn’t have any brothers, let alone a twin, but if I’m Ryan Conston ( who in addition to the Presidential Scholarship, also received the Gates Mellenium Scholarship), I’m bringing that little tidbit up every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for the rest of my life] *** Saw pictures of the wreck on Facebook of the police SUV and the other vehicle. Everyone knows that intersection is just too dangerous and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

What do we have to do to get the state highway department or whoever to find a better design for that location. Some one is eventually going to get killed there. [ Editor’s Note: Last August, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department released a list of the West Memphis Metopolitan Area’s most dangerous intersections, compiled from two years of date ( which includes West Memphis, Marion and sur-rounding areas in the county). The I- 55 underpass in Marion, where Thursday’s crash took place, saw so many accidents, the location made the list twice. During the period of the study, there were 46 crashes at East Service Road and Military Road, making it number one on the chart. The intersection of Highway 64 and the West Service Road ( the other side of the overpass) saw an additional 30 accidents in the same peri-od. Local officials say the AHTD needs to address the issue. Maybe now they will]


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