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Why are so many people from out of state getting marriage licenses in Ark? Of 16 couples in Friday’s paper…10 were from TN, 4 from Ark, 1 from MS and 1 from Illinois. Thanks! [ Editor’s Note: Perhaps Arkansas is gaining a reputation as the Romance Capital of the South? It could also be the far less stringent guidelines for obtaining a marriage license here than elsewhere ( cheaper, no waiting period, no blood test, etc.). It’s almost certainly one of those two reasons…]

*** I would like to respond to mayor foglemans idea of building a new fire station on the west side of I-55 u want to spend that kinda money on a new fire station and the city of Marion has two other fire stations one in river trace & one on carter drive that are unmanned [ Editor’s Note: I don’t know the exact day- today at the Marion Fire Stations but I see folks at Station No. 2 all the time. As for whether the city needs a new station on the west side of town… maybe, maybe not.

The current Station No. 1 is nearly 40 years old, but it’s not like it’s falling apart. It used to be pretty centrally located in the city back when it was built, but with all the growth Marion has seen in the past couple of decades, the fire protection map probably shows some inadequacies on the west side]

*** I wonder how many people are thankful for what we have… just take a look at the Alaskan Bush People… maybe we all can be thankful and learn something…

[ Editor’s Note: That’s an oddly specific comparison to draw, but I get you. To put it in a different frame, there is a website, globalrichlist. com, that lets you put your income in and it will tell you how you compare to everyone else. Just an example: If you have a full- time, minimum wage job in the U. S., you are still wealthier than 95 percent of the world’s population… and that’s not even accounting for all the government assistance you would qualify for]


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