Text The Times.

Text The Times.

The boll weevil “art work”… if you won’t say it’s hideous, I will. There is nothing attractive about it. Nothing. The colors aren’t pleasing to the eye nor the graphics. The subject matter isn’t pleasing for that matter, boll weevils have devastated many a cotton crop in the south why immortalize that costly pest? [ Editor’s Note: Did you know the Boll Weevil is the school mascot for the University of Arkansas at Monticello? Anyway, you can’t really objectively measure taste. I, for example, hate Dr.

Pepper. Maybe the new mural will become the next hot topic, like when the city put the color- changing lights under the overpasses in West Memphis… the “ hobo disco” as someone once called it.

This just seems like one of those situations where I get it that you don’t like it, but at the end of the day, does it really matter?]

*** How is this any different than West Memphis elem schools? They said my black child had to go to Faulk even tho we lived in Richland boundaries.

[ Editor’s Note: The “ this” you’re referring to is a screen shot of an article ( see accompanying photo) on the Cleveland, Mississippi, school district being ordered to desegregate. I know nothing about the Cleveland School District, but I know a few things about the West Memphis School District.

Here are two: 1) West Memphis sends its students to the school closest to where they live ( and that only makes sense, to me at least). 2) No one told you your “ black child had to go to Faulk” if you were able to provide proof of residence that your child lives in the Richland Elementary Zone. The only possible exception to that I can think of is if you moved in the middle of the school year and the classrooms for whatever grade your child is in were at legal capacity at Richland.

Other than that… if that really, really is what happened, then congratulations on your pending victory in the lawsuit you’ve surely filed]


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