Text The Times.

Text The Times.

On several occasions, you have erroroneous reported the A& P (Hamburger) tax for West Memphis as being 1%. The city actually collects a 2% A& Ptax. You may review the attached West Memphis form to verify the tax rate. I'm not surprised that the city hasn't pointed out this mistake. I'm sure they would rather have the citizens believe the rate is just 1%. [ Editor’s Note: When you’re right, you’re right. West Memphis Municipal Code, Chapter 3.04.020 ( Section B) – Tax on accommodations and prepared foods: There is levied upon every firm, person, or corporation a tax of 2% upon the portion of the gross receipts or gross proceeds received by restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, delicatessens, drive- in restaurants, carry- out restaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, grocery store- restaurants, and similar businesses as shall be defined in the levying ordinance from the sale of prepared food and beverages for on- or off- premises consumption. It’s been in place since 1977, though modified in 1995 and 2003. Honestly, someone told me it was a onecent tax several years ago, and I assumed that was correct, since it always worked out when I did the math on the local tax rate. Thanks for the heads up]

*** About a month ago the new bridge was shut down for several hours because a man climbed the bridge and threatened to jump…. All traffic was sent across the old bridge…. It was a nightmare !!!!! Taking people hours to get across the river…. What a mess it would have been if the old bridge was closed at that time. Common sense TDOT does not have. [Editor’s Note: I have tried to see TDOT’s side of this issue from every angle, and I just can’t. There’s no rationale that gets me to see any justification for going through with any plan that calls for a complete shutdown of the Old Bridge for any length of time. And surely, with all of the date staring them in the face, TDOT officials are aware of this. So, with that in mind, I guess I’m going to assume that their official stance on the issue is somewhere in the range of willful ignorance to complete negligence. Real data suggesting the disaster ( on a number of levels) that shutting down that stretch of I55 would cause has been presented to TDOT more than once, and their response has been a collective “ So?”]

*** It is official we have just seen the Marion Fox but now we have 3. [ Editor’s Note: The Marion Foxes sounds like a ladies’ softball team]

*** I have just run across an Evening Times from September 2014 and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Text The Times because there were no Editor’s comments following each text. It has gotten to the point that the Editor’s comments are a lot more reading than the Text itself. It would be nice if it went back to Texts only.√


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