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Text The Times.

To the person that said two fire stations in Marion were unmanned. Are you not aware that Marion has a volunteer fire dept with a great group that goes out when paged. They drop whatever they are doing middle of the night or whenever, we should be grateful to them! [ Editor’s Note: That is something that often goes unmentioned. Thank you for mentioning it]

*** Why does Jericho PD need 3 police cars and 5 cops when they only work traffic in daylight hours and write most tickets for city ordinance violations.

[ Editor’s Note: Well, the short answer is, they don’t. I don’t think the long answer is a better answer]

*** Maybe if Sen. Hickey had to pay for his gas out of pocket he might reconsider the gas tax hike. If the $150 per diem plus mileage that the 135 members of AR legislation receive were directed toward highway repair, us regular joe’s might not have to worry about ridiculous tax hikes.

[ Editor’s Note: I had a conversation a couple of days ago with a concerned citizen about the sheer volume of gas and diesel fuel that is pumped in this county every day. He said it was close to half- a- million gallons… every day. That’s a lot of taxes. But yes, to your point, that’s more than $ 20,000 per day when the legislature is in session in per diems alone. Not as bad, I suppose as the $ 600 per day, per member the Memphis City Council just voted itself for lunch on council meeting days]

*** This is a question for the WMSD. Why are the residents of Meadowbrook Country Club, Which is in the Faulk school district, allowed to send their children to Richland? Do all residents that live in the Faulk district get this choice? Also, why do children that live on the other side of Rich Rd told they must go to Bragg but residents of River Trace line Barton Ave. everyday to drop their children off at Richland? [ Editor’s Note: On what data are you claiming that the country club residents are in the Faulk Elementary school zone? I’m fairly certain the bayou is the dividing line between the two elementary zones. As for the rest of your text, I’m a little put off by your use of the phrase “ must go to Bragg,” as Bragg is a great school. My wife teaches at West Memphis High School, and even though we live in Marion, we choose to send our daughter to West Memphis, specifically Bragg Elementary. Rich Road just happens to be the dividing line between the two zones, just like Dover Road is the dividing line between the Marion and West Memphis school districts. The line has to be somewhere, right? As for River Trace ( Marion) kids going to Richland, I’m again curious about where your data is coming from. Both Marion and West Memphis school districts work to ensure that their students go to the school they are supposed to. With all of the divorces and blended families and different domestic situations these days, it’s entirely possible that you may not have all of the information you think you need to ascertain someone’s eligibility to attend a specific school. Are there people out there who game the system? Sure. And when they are found out, the child is moved to his or her correct school]

*** Hooray for our local barbecue team “Phat Chance.”

They won first place in the Patio Porkers Division at the 2016 Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Competition. Crittenden County is so proud! [ Editor’s Note: That’s pretty cool!

Congrats, Phat Chance! I know the competition there is pretty fierce, so I’m sure that’s some pretty good barbecue. I am, however, willing to give some a try just to be sure]

*** I was wondering if there is going to be a Memorial Day observance at the cemetery this year. Please check on that and if so, I hope you will give it the attention it deserves. So few in the community know about that and our veterans deserve more. And a shoutout to the Boy Scouts for their participation!! [ Editor’s Note: Hopefully, you saw the story on the front page earlier this week about the Memorial Day Service set for Monday morning. While our living veterans do, indeed, deserve our respect and compassion, just a reminder that Memorial Day is actually a tribute to those who gave their lives for their country]


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